Knit a riffic update

I have really been enjoying this one lately and found it hard to drag myself away from it, but drag I did, and I will have an update on Spud next.26febs(click all images to enlarge)

I’ve also had my hands on the knitting needles. Here is an update on Guernsey Triangle. GT
And here is a new start, Isadora. I had thought of restarting this on some smaller needles as I thought the tension looked too loose, but seeing it stretched like this I think I will continue on. Thankfully I won’t need to block it too much, just pull out the pointy bits and I should look stunning.

I should add this is done in a Merino/silk blend so, as you might already know, I can’t get the colour and shine to show up as much as it does in real life, although you can see a little of the sheen in the photo.

And here is the finished driveway concrete. We need to redo the little garden to the right again. All the white rocks have to be replaced around the edge again so we’ll be weeding while we do that. It has been soooo nice to be able to part out of the view of the road again. We have a back section and have had to part on the gravel area for months now. done


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