QS Bookend Kitties (BEK) completed

 Here’s my completed HAED freebie finish, QS Bookend Kitties artwork by Kayomi Harai.

(click all images to enlarge)

Stitched on 25ct Lugana 1×1

143 x 143 stitches
Started 31 Dec 2011
Finished 7 Oct 2012

I’d hoped to be back into Turandot by now but I have joined a KAL (knit a long) of socks. I have completed one so far. It’s currently being blocked on a form that Tim wss kind enough to cut for me. The yarn I’ve used probably wasn’t the best to show off the design but I do like how the pattern appears to dive down the sock.


I promise I will now work a while on Turandot.

I just have one final thing to add. I woke this morning to find an email from 123-stitch.com saying I had a voucher waiting for. I thought, oooh someone has been kind and gifted me something to enhance my stash. I was mistaken….

I had in fact WON A Giveaway!!!

$50 US to be exact in a giveaway on Lesli’s Fabulous Frogger Blogaversary giveaway.

I hope you will all head over to her blog and follow her as she also has wonderful stitching to oggle over.

Thank you Lesli.

Now…. what to buy, what to buy….


Kitty update and some framing

I’ve had my QS Bookend kitties out to work on since page three has been released.

She now has a bottom!

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BEK is not the only thing that I’ve been busy on. Turandot is out early and I’m working on reaching the bottom left corner on her as well, although I have, just now, decided I will probably try and put some stitches into my stocking which has a couple of pages that are nearing completion. I do like completing pages. Something I’m not so keen on is framing my finished pieces, but….

I finally bit the bullet and framed Tim’s piece.

I think Tim likes it as it’s hanging just inside the front door for all to see.

And a bit of warning. I’ll be posting info on a giveaway in the next day or so.

Bookend Kitties

While we have internet here at the motel I should post the update of Bookend Kitties my HAED freebie SAL piece.

(click image to enlarge)

I won’t bore you with house repair things this time, but will let you know that we’ve had some things done and we aren’t happy with them. I have picture and I’ve spilled details on Facebook, but today I’ll just leave this post to BEK.