Ice Palace update and more knitting

I’ve just completed another week of stitching IP and had to share.

 17febs (click all images to enlarge)

I have also been busy knitting. I’ve completed a test knit of a pair of mitts. The pattern will be up on Ravelry sometimes soon. Very simple and quick. I adapted the colour striping myself. The pattern doesn’t have a thumb on it, just a hole, this way you can pull your thumb inside and use them as a tube or a wrist warmer as well as mitts.

test knitThank you Petrina for the hand modelling 🙂

I have also started a shawl (Guernsey Triangle).  Thanks to Fudgey for the lovely gift of the pattern. guernsey triangle

I’ve never knitted a triangular shawl  like this before and I can say that even though I am still in the early stages I love how this is turning out. Even without being blocked, or stretched in any way, the pattern is so obvious.

Next update will be of Knittarific. Trouble with this piece is that it makes me want to knit more.

On a quick note, it is less than a week now from the second anniversary of the Feb 2011 Christchurch earthquake and I should have a photo to share of our finished driveway. There has been a hold up in the final coating of sealant. Well….. we have heard that the last coat should be done tomorrow (weather permitting).


6 thoughts on “Ice Palace update and more knitting

  1. Wonderful progress on Ice Palace =)

    I love the mittens you created, those colors are beautiful and I like that they are both simple and exciting at once =)

    The triangular shawl you knit looks very pretty =)

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