QS Ye Old Craft Room Kitten

Since it has been revealed (elsewhere) what this new HAED design will be, I can now reveal it here.

It is QS Ye Old Craft Room Kitten by Ciro Marchetti

And here is the latest update of it


QS Merlin – Completed 5 Nov 2018

Another HAED finish. Finish number 32

QS Merlin by Linda Ravenscroft


Design size 185 x 258 (total of 47,730 little xs)
Stitched on 25ct Lugana

Started 23 Mar 2012
Finished 5 Nov 2018

Space Traveler (full size) – 16 May 2018

16maysI’ll put this back on the frame and continue working on that top right corner, or I will until the parked threads have been worked. Then I have it in my mind to move back down to start filling in some of the lower rows of pages.