Catfish 17 Feb 2018



Happy 2016


Sadly 2015 was the year of the non blog updates. I have been busy stitching and knitting, but sadly I haven’t shared most of it here. I promise to post more in 2016, although most of it will most likely be just photos. Writing words takes up time I’d rather spend on things like stitching, and knitting.

You do like photos, don’t you?

Recently I’ve just been taking photos with the phone camera and posting to FB, but I think I will take advantage of the WordPress app and post here as well.

I can already tell you that most of the updates will be on a piece called Queen of Silk. It’s not a Heaven and Earth Design, although the artist was previously signed to them before she started her own charting.

There are two versions available, Regular and Epic. I am stitching the regular version.

Here is the last full size photo I took of her, and what I’ve done since.

(Queen of Silk on 25ct Lugana 1×1)

I will have a new full size for you in a few days, but until then enjoy the proof that I have been busy. This is my 2015 ort collection.