Sitting in a motel

Yup, we’re out of the house, but there is still a lot of stuff still to shift out.

Who would have thought we had so much stuff? I am thinking there will be loads of things that we will be listing in online auctions.

I haven’t taken any photos as we’ve been flat out for the last few days, so no photos of an empty house with more cracks that weren’t visible before, and no stitching. I haven’t even had time to clean my glasses. And I can’t stand dirty glasses.

The builder’s are due today and Tim’s already back home to continue packing and to let them in to start etc. I am meant to head there too to help but so far I haven’t felt the urge.  I suppose I should ring Tim and see if he still needs me or not.

I hope to have some pictures for the next update…. hopefully some stitching ones at that.