Mystery knitting and blocking

It seems that this time of the year is the time that all the mystery knit a longs start. Last week I had three on the go, but as of a couple of days ago, and a massive grafting session, I am down to two.

The one I’ve just finished is Birds of a Feather.

I need to block it yet. This will remove all the stray fluff from it and make the pattern really emerge.

IMG_0603(click all images to enlarge)

IMG_0607 IMG_0609

The two slits are for fastening. You poke the pointy end through them. I’m hoping to have some model shots once it’s all blocked.

Another KAL I’m doing is the Pavillion Mystery Sock KAL

This is one sock’s ‘clue one’ done. I’ve just started clue 2 now and hope to have it done on both socks before the last clue arrives this weekend.

pavThe last KAL, on the go, is the Through the Loops (TTL) mystery shawl kal 2014.

Here’s mine after completing clue 2

IMG_0577I can’t wait to block this one. 🙂

Speaking of blocking. I completed my Christchurch Shawl, but it’s winter here, and it takes a while to dry my blocked items. So, I’m only blocking if I HAVE TO right now.

I have HAD TO block recently. I completed a test knit of Mist,

IMG_0553 IMG_0563 IMG_0564 IMG_0566

and also a test knit of Hemlock Mitts.

IMG_0571 IMG_0574

I have still had Knit-a-riffic out, and have finished just another page of it. You’ll have to wait until it’s off the frame for a photo.