92050 little xs

I’ve finally finished “The Frog Prince”

The Frog Prince artwork by Jennifer Nilsson (discontinued)

(click to enlarge)

Started 31 July 2010
Finished 4 June 2011
Design size 350 x 263 (total of 92050 stitches on 25ct Lugana)

(Edited to add) I used HDF white silk instead of the treasure braid I like to use for the sparklie areas.

I’ll now concentrate on my chocolate piece until the new SAL starts at the end of the month. Who knows I may finish that as well and have another new start to boot.

I do have a new start that I have threads on the way for. It will be another piece stitched in HDF silks.

So look out for that one.


A quick update on Froggy

I’m getting so close to completing this wee one that I don’t want to put it down. I have two partial and one full page left and I have done about half on two of those pages so you can see why I can’t put it down.

I don’t think I’ll get it finished before I pick something up but I do hope to have it done before the HAED rewards program kicks in again.

I should also let you know that Tim is now back at work. He started this morning, the day after their reopening. He’s pleased that he wasn’t on last night as they were slammed with all who turned up.

I know that the kitchen staff should have coped well. The casino staff were invited along the day before opening to have a two course meal and drinks to make sure the kitchen was up to it.  It was very nice and Tim had fun catching up with people he hadn’t seen in over 3 months.

Until next update, thanks for looking

Mmmm Chocolate

I’ve been meaning to post this entry for a few days now but I’ve been up in Blenheim for a get together to celebrate Tim’s 40th birthday, so I’ve been on dial up again and time has been tight. Well, I’ve finally gotten around to it, although it’s so dark here at the moment I’m having trouble seeing the keyboard and I’m sure I’ll delete something I shouldn’t. I don’t really want to turn the light on although looking at the screen as I type I might just have to…. it’s a bit of a mess (I’ll proofread it so you won’t know how bad it really is)

The first update is QS CCMC
(click images to enlarge)

and here’s an update on Tim’s piece. I’ve finally finished the first page

I have froggy out at the moment. I can see the end and I don’t really want to stitch on anything too confetti heavy until the weekend when, I think, the next page of the freebie comes out. YAY!

Four pages to go

I am now on the homeward track with “The Frog Prince”. There are only four pages and two of those are partials.

(click images to enlarge)

All the little froggies have been stitched and other than the sky there is only a dragonfly and the rest of the reeds to go.

I am now working on QS CCMC for Easter and will share an update of it soon. I will also have an update on the piece I’m doing for Tim. He’s heading off hunting again tomorrow (it keeps him busy and active) so I will be able to get some more done of it.

I also have a big thanks to send out to Tish from the HAED board. She was a sweety and gifted me Soul Searchers Triptych by Linda Ravenscroft. It’s actually like getting three charts in one!!

Big Thanks Tish, you really made my day

Petrina, Jessica and I did something we haven’t been able to do since February 22, we went into the CBD….. as close as we could, that is.

We headed over to see if we could get a look at Tim’s work and this is as close as we could get.

One of the reasons you can’t get any closer is because of this building. As far as I know they are taking tenders for the demolition of it. If you can help please do so. LOL!!!

We did see something exciting while looking at the area, we saw the final pieces of the Strategy Building coming down. It was damaged after the Feb quake, but a recent 5.3 aftershock sent it on a lean that it wouldn’t recover from. So for safety sake they pulled that sucker down.

You can see a video of it HERE (69MB)


2 stitchy updates

I have brought out my Frog Prince for the first time since the earthquake. I’ve found it hard going as this was the piece that was out that day and when got it out to work on again memories of that day started to come back again.

(click images to enlarge)

I think I’ll continue to work on it once I get Turandot over and done with next week

Yup, Turandot will be out again. Yippee!!

And my second update is the Freebie SAL piece QS Little One Lost.

There is still one more page to go before the top row is finished, and that comes out next month.

Also I managed to get a prize in the HAED board Bingo game!! It’s the first time I have even been close to calling it although it was well after the initial winner called it, but it still counts as a win. I have chosen a chart and will tell you which one once it arrives

Latest on Frog Prince plus a SALE

The Frog Prince is now complete to two pages across and I’m nearing full completion of the full left side of the piece, only a hundred or so stitches.

(click image to enlarge)

I find it helps to aim for milestones like this, as it makes stitching these labour intensive pieces seem to go faster. First it’s a page, then (if you work like me, from the center) a corner and then rows of pages and so on. The most exciting part is when you can say you’re done with a particular colour and you can empty the floss box. Love that bit!

Anyone after a chart then you’ll be pleased to know that HAED are having a Valentine’s Day sale at the moment.

25% off

it runs through to the 14th Feb and I intend to get a couple of new charts.

I have already decided to get the QS Christmas Star (top left) but can’t decide between the other two. I’m leaning towards Smitten Kittens (top right) but am torn by all the background. I suppose I could find a dyed fabric to suit but I would prefer to stitch it to get the various amount of shading in the background looking like it should. And finally there’s there’s Sundae Delight (bottom), I think that need no explanation, does it.

What to do, what to do.

I’m off to work on QS Queen of Hearts Owl for the weekend when I’ll be pulling out the Freebie SAL piece, QS Little One Lost. I can’t wait to see the kitty appear.

QS CCMC and Freebie SAL pics

Anyone want a concrete boulder?

We have one which I’m calling Rocky. He has appeared under the house since the Earthquake and he ain’t little. We are assuming that when they prepared the land our house is on they must have disposed of the old building by burying them and when the 7.1 hit there was a little bit of liquidation that has popped this bad boy up. It’s also popped a hill or two of sand up and it is nearly touching the floorboards in places.

(Click all images to enlarge)

We sent our builder chick friend under the house to just check that nothing looked like it needed immediate repairs and she said nothing looks urgent but to just get the EQC engineers to do a proper check when they finally get here.

I’m wondering is anyone else in our area has any surprises under their houses that they haven’t found yet?

Here’s the latest update of QS CCMC.

The top left has been reached. Always a good thing to reach the corners, that way you know where you are in the scheme of the whole picture.

Speaking of charts etc. The artwork for the 2011  SAL is out. So here’s what the choices are.

QS Rapture by M. Potts

QS Little One Lost by B. Lusk

QS Faery Bride by A. Brown

QS Curl up With a Good Book by R. Spangler

QS Blue Rose Fairy by M. Dillman

QS Terra Fairy Sprite by B. Ashwood

QS Fragile Heart by H. Lynn

I have made my choice already with a little help from Fudgey and Tim. Can anyone guess what it will be?

Two updates and chart lusting.

I have two updates today. Froggy and my new start of the recently gifted chart QS Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate (from here on out to be known as QS CCMC)

(click images to enlarge)

I managed to get Froggy into the scanner….. just. It’s a truer representation of the colours, but from now on I’ll only be able to take pics with the camera, which has been playing up on me lately.
I’ve been working on this for three days now and realised that with the speed I’m going at that the small QSnap is holding me back, so I’ve done this update before I get the 8″ frame onto it. I’ll be working on this until the weekend when the last page of Light of the World Freebie SK SAL is due. I’m looking forward to seeing her finished.

I also have a new chart I’m lusting after. This is one that Tim also likes. It’s not often that he actually likes a chart so I will definitely be getting this one in the next sale.

First Jennifer, now Kinuko

Two of my favourite HAED artists are gone/going. Jennifer who I mentioned was leaving has now gone and now Kinuko Y. Craft is leaving.

Due to Kinuko moving to a very high end gallery and her work only represented in upper end formats such as giclee’s and canvas prints her artwork represented by us will be retired as of 10/24/2010.  We are very sad to see her go but we do understand her movement into museum quality representation.

I’ve been through to see what I might ‘have’ to get before they are gone and I find there are only two. I think I can cope without them in that case. They aren’t small pieces.

Sigh. There is one silver lining to the cloud….I can now work on these two artists pieces for the HAED bulletin board’s retired artists weekend.

I have an update of Frog Prince and Light of the World SK today.
I have finished the two pages of the SAL that have been released and will now have to wait until November before the next and final page is released.

(click image to enlarge)

And I have now also finished the first page of Froggy. The first page of HAED charts have the largest number of stitches so to get that one out of the way makes the rest of it a piece of cake. LOL

(click image to enlarge)

Oh…. by the way, the quakes are still going on. Although they are a lot less frequent now and much less in strength, unless they have their epicentre within walking distance from your house. Luckily Tim and I weren’t home, we were instead in a multi-storey building watching a movie.

!!! Cinemas shouldn’t sway  !!!

Another update on my new start

It’s a little easier to figure out what this is now. I have nearly reached the top left corner now and I can’t believe how fast the background is stitching up. I should add that I have replaced the sparklies in this with HDF silks. Believe me there are loads of these stitches. I wish you could see this in real life as the colours are just soooo rich and bright.

(click image to enlarge)

Frog Prince by Jennifer Nilsson.

If you’re after the chart you better be quick as Jennifer is leaving HAED on the 15th Sept and all her charts will be gone. Sadly I haven’t been able to afford the charts I haven’t brought already, but I think paying for Sharna’s treatment is more important.

Sharna has now been on her tablets for one and a half weeks now and I think I can see a difference in her. She’s eating more and keeping it down. Even popping her pills in twice a day in painless except for one dose that resulted in me receiving a slashed toe. Don’t ask how my toe got involved.

It’s nearly Freebie SAL time again and the next page is due in the inbox sometime tonight/tomorrow. I already have everything ready to go on her again. Can’t wait!!