Ice Palace update and some blocking magic

I’ve got a few of my knitting and an update of Ice Palace today.

I’ve blocked out Montadale

IMG_0046IMG_0044 (click all images to enlarge)

Sadly the patterning detail hasn’t shown up so well, but I think the way that it looks on more than makes up for that.

Another shawl I’ve finally gotten around to blocking is Rushing Tides.

IMG_0055 IMG_0050

Next up is my test knit of Golden Hazel blocked out.

Here is a shot of it unblocked….

GHunblockedand just like magic here’s what blocking does to it…


1 IMG_0030 3 4IMG_0058

I have also started on my mystery KAL Lemon Thyme, but I haven’t taken any photos of it yet. I might take some after I have finished clue 2.

And finally, here is Ice Palace.

I finally managed to complete my second full page of it.




Ice Palace 15 Aug update and a few other things

I’ve been putting this update off as I knew I would have loads of pictures to edit for it. Firstly my Ice Palace update.

I’ve reached the top edge, and although it’s still quite detail heavy, with loads of colour changes, the edge has allowed me to speed up a little with the blocks of solid colour.

IP15ags(click all images to enlarge)

Next I have a new mystery start. Can you figure out from this update what it might be. A hint : It’s a QS (Also forgot to mention that I’m doing this in a mixture of HDF silks and DMC)

MQS15augAnd here are some knitting progress pictures.

First one up is a lace piece called Unwind. The pattern doesn’t show so well right now, but like everything will look totally different once blocked.

unwindAnd I also have a finished, unblocked shawl called Rushing Tides. As you can see, if you clicked the link, it will look totally different once blocked.

rushing tidesAnd here is my lovely niece modelling my finished Biellese. I am not 100% satisfied with the look of the pickedup stitches at the border and may, in the future, reblock it taking more care in this area.


fullAnd finally I have completed my KAL with Petrina (who hasn’t even started hers), Taliesin.

Here are some shots of it unblocked.


And here’s what it looks like nowblocking

point cu cu2Totally different.

I hope you managed to make it through all of this. Don’t forget to let me know what you think the Mystery QS is.

A little stitching and some more knitting

I have finally blocked my Slackcountry socks. I made my own sock blockers out of a plastic chopping board. Works perfectly well, but I might cut some holes in them to allow the drying process to speed up.

slacksock(Click all images to enlarge)

Since my last update I have also started and finished Tempest Shawlette. It still needs a blocking to get the shape right and the stitches sitting nicely.

temp2And here is a closeup of the border detail.

temp1I also have some photo shoot shots of my completed French Cancan and Germinate (Formally known as the Mystery Shawl KAL 2013). Thanks to my niece, Jessica, for the lovely modelling (again). These shots were taken at the Water Lily Garden at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. I don’t think you can tell it was really frosty at the time.

RPspreaduse. Rbackwrappeduse. Rbackspreaduse. Jbackwrappeduse. Jbackspread2use.The bottom two shots are from Petrina’s shawl. She used the exact same colours as I did, just in a different order.

And finally, here is the latest on Ice Palace. I haven’t managed to get a lot done. I’m aiming for the top edge, but there is a dragon’s wing to contend with.

8JulsI currently have TOTA on the frame and I am motivated to get as much done on page three as I can this week.

Ice Palace – 19 April 2013 update

I’ve reached a floral column.
19Aprils(click image to enlarge)

I’ve decided when IP (Ice Palace) is next out I’m going to work up to the top of the piece. I think it needs a nice border and a dragon or two.

I’ve also put a picture link to the full size image of the artwork in the sidebar so you can easily follow my progress, and if you have a “what the hell is that?” moment you can easily go and see what it is.

Ice Palace update – 2 pages done

 2 pages down – 50 more to go.

Thankfully quite a few of those are partial pages.

6Aprs(click images to enlarge)

I am a little over the blues right now but it really is nice to have the palace showing. Time to work on TOTA for a week.

As some of you may know I had my birthday a couple of weeks back, so you can imagine my delight when I received a late gift in the mail the other day.

IMG_3287It appears that the lovely Angela Perrett had been conspiring with the equally amazing Jennifer Nilsson to get this original wee Happy Easter, Little Fox ACEO card to be as a gift.


They must have found it hard waiting for it to arrive, but he did and I love him !!!

One page down, many more to go – Ice Palace

I have completed the first full page. You can now see the wolves appearing.
15mars (click images to enlarge)

And here is the first update of my latest knitting project, Ringwraith Stole.
This is my “waiting in the car for Tim” project

I’m knitting it in a black 4ply which I think is slightly thicker than most 4ply I’ve worked with lately, so it looks a little chunky, but once it is blocked out (I’ve just pinned this so it’s straight) it will loose a little of that chunkiness and will be a lot lighter and lacier. Although I don’t think it looks too bad like this; you can see all the detail quite clearly.


Ice Palace update and more knitting

I’ve just completed another week of stitching IP and had to share.

 17febs (click all images to enlarge)

I have also been busy knitting. I’ve completed a test knit of a pair of mitts. The pattern will be up on Ravelry sometimes soon. Very simple and quick. I adapted the colour striping myself. The pattern doesn’t have a thumb on it, just a hole, this way you can pull your thumb inside and use them as a tube or a wrist warmer as well as mitts.

test knitThank you Petrina for the hand modelling 🙂

I have also started a shawl (Guernsey Triangle).  Thanks to Fudgey for the lovely gift of the pattern. guernsey triangle

I’ve never knitted a triangular shawl  like this before and I can say that even though I am still in the early stages I love how this is turning out. Even without being blocked, or stretched in any way, the pattern is so obvious.

Next update will be of Knittarific. Trouble with this piece is that it makes me want to knit more.

On a quick note, it is less than a week now from the second anniversary of the Feb 2011 Christchurch earthquake and I should have a photo to share of our finished driveway. There has been a hold up in the final coating of sealant. Well….. we have heard that the last coat should be done tomorrow (weather permitting).

First look : Ice Palace

I’ve just started my next BAP and here’s the first look at it.

18jans(click image to enlarge)

This will be take a long time to complete, but like Turandot I will get there in the end.

Next update should be another update on my socks. I have done a little more since the last update but it’s only the heel, so nothing exciting to look at.

And I will have another new HAED start to share. I’ve just started it and it’s the chart and threads I purchased using the voucher I won from Lesli’s blog giveaway.

I also have been doing something this year that I have never done before. I’m keeping an ORT (Old raggedy threads) container. I usually just chuck the left over threads out, but I am curious as to how much I have thrown out in the past. I will be doing this collection exclusively for my stitching, so no knitting threads will be included.