Catfish 17 Feb 2018



French Filigree, test knit and more….

I’ve pulled out another slow WIP. This time it was French Filigree.
It’s nearly 3/4 done.

27Mars(click all images to enlarge)

The reason I didn’t get more done of this is that I had to stop to do a test knit.
I’ve been test knitted a new design by Agnes Kutas called Gingerbread. I’ll let you know when it is available.
IMG_0434Before blocking

IMG_0440 IMG_0439

Once it’s dry I will ‘borrow’ my niece for some photos 😉

I’ve started another knitting project. This one will take over a year to finish.
Why so long? It will take this long since it is a mystery afghan KAL with each motif (based on the Sherlock Holmes short stories) coming out monthly. I’m using a slightly furry wool/acrylic mix and the pattern isn’t quite as defined as some works I’ve seen, but it is there and I’m sure blocking will define it a little more. I can say it will be WARM once done.

IMG_0446I have also been very spoilt over the last few days.

I hit the big 40 on Monday and I have to say I’m humbled at the generous gifts I have received.

Tim gifted me a stunning sterling silver bangle with an engraved message and a necklace/earring set.
He said the bangle isn’t ‘finished’ yet as there is something else yet to be done to it but I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks when we have our 20th wedding anniversary. I can’t wait to find out what it is.

I got the usual fabulous family gifts, including  the surprise of my parents turning up at Petrina’s, where we spent the day. It took me a bit to click that they shouldn’t have actually been there.

One of the gifts will be my next knitting new start. They are Bofur’s gloves from The Hobbit. This is the official wool and pattern from the company that made the shawls/gloves etc from the LOTR and Hobbit movies.

And we can thank Petrina for this gifty.

Bofur-Gloves-KitI also received some knitting patterns from Jeannie-Maree, Sonya, and Nicola.

Small dogif it moves, shoot it

charlotte St. Mitts  morganeve's mitts

Clicking the above images will take you to the pattern page on Ravelry

I also received a couple of parcels from Angela Perret. The first contained a pair of cat snips, chocolate truffles and a lovely handstitched card. The second contained a HAED handmade needle threader. Sorry I haven’t taken a photo of the first lot of gifts, but I do have the threader to share.

needle threaderAnd finally I received a few HAED charts. I will have to open up a slot for a few new starts, I think.

Thank you Christy, Jo, Louanne and Nance

Clicking these images will take you to the chart on the HAED site

the edge Above And Beyond
Dark Hope The Fantastic Voyage

I think I’ve remembered everything and everyone. If I have forgotten you please forgive me I’m not as young as I used to be

Thank you not only to those who gave me a gift, or wished me a happy birthday, but to you for reading my blog.


Catfish – left half complete

The slow WIP that I’ve been working on lately is Catfish.
It’s been nice working on a black and white, and particularity with the HDF silks.

2mars(click all images to enlarge)

I managed to wrangle my hand model (my sister Petrina) for a photo shoot of the Forgotten Love mitts.
The glove blockers worked a treat. They didn’t over stretch the pattern and they dried in no time.

IMG_0396 IMG_0397 IMG_0398I have made a start on Christchurch Shawl and am now onto the repeat rows of the body.
It needs to be blocked to show the design off to its fullest, but here is a quick peek at it.

IMG_0414I’ll be back to working on my Mum’s shawl now. The weather here has been quite unseasonably cold, and with the shawl getting larger it won’t be a problem having all the warmth of it on my lap. When I left it, it was at ten repeats of the pattern.

Happy 2014 – Here’s a finish

I’m starting the year the way I intend to continue, with a finish.

This year I am aiming to get a few of my current wips completed, and here is my first one.

QS Zen Garden artwork by Ciro Marchetti
185 X 150 stitch
27750 little xs
started 13 Aug 2013
finished 1 Jan 2014
Using HDF silks and DMC thread on 28ct Jazlyn pale yellow fabric

QSzenfinisheds(click all images to enlarge)

With the new year comes a new ort jar. This is the first year I’ve had one and now that the year is over I can share the leftovers of my stitching for this year alone. For me it’s not how much I put in it, but how much I can avoid putting in it. Less thread means less waste. And less cost.

IMG_0258This year will also see me continuing with my knitting. It goes so fast that I forget to take photos so here are a couple I have neglected to post here. Al couple of these were Christmas gifts, although one of them the recipient paid for the wool, or should I say Alpaca.

leaf IMG_0206 closeup IMG_0221 IMG_0222 back IMG_0260Thank you so much for looking, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

QS update

Here is the latest update of my mystery QS which I can now reveal to be QS Zen Garden. This was a free chart gifted to the HAED bulletin board members a few years ago to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the board.

8septs(click images to enlarge)

I’m using 28ct Lugana and a combination on HDF silks and DMC.

I also have an update of my Unwind Shawl. For some reason I haven’t felt like doing much on this one.

unwindI think the fact that it’s in 2ply, and the pattern is simple, could be the problem. I need a few more obstacles, which is why I decided to try out for a test knit of a new design. called Golden Hazel

I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few to do this before it is released to the public. So far so good and it does have  nice variety of stitch pattern.

Golden Hazel7septYou should also look out for a another new start from this same designer, but this is a two colour mystery knit. It’s called Lemon Thyme.

Here is the colour combination I’ll be using.

mkal_mediumThis MKAL starts in a day or so, so it shouldn’t be too long before I have my first update, and hopefully for that update I will have a model shot of two shawls I have blocked. Just need to “borrow” my niece again.

Mystery QS update #2

This update has a bit more discernible detail.

26Augs(click all images to enlarge)

I am hoping to get a little more done of this before I send out the next page of the Freebie SAL. But since I still have parts of page 2 and 3 left to do on TOTA I will be putting in a day to get those filled and have the piece ready for that last page. I should have a finish very soon.

I’ve got a few knitting photos to share.

Firstly I “borrowed” my niece for some shots with my Taliesin.

frontt backt2
backtAnd I have another new start. Feel free to roll your eyes. lol

This is my start on Montadale.

As you probably already know, blocking will make the detail appear. But you can already see the cables and lace detail already making itself known.

montI’m using Knitsch colour The Mad Blood Stirreth, and it is a lot darker than this shot taken with the flash makes it look.

Stocking Teddy Bear Tree completed

!! YAY !!

Stocking Teddy Bear Tree

(click link to be taken to Heaven and Earth Designs, where you can buy the chart)

Stocking Teddy Bear Tree(click image to enlarge)

Started 12 January 2012 – Finished 16 sept 2012
Using HDF silks
on 28ct pale yellow lugana

Time to put the silks away and pull out Turandot for a little while.

To finish, or not to finish

This question was asked by friend on Facebook recently and it made me think.
I have Turandot close to completion and Ted Stocking close too.

I have decided that after stitching Turandot for so many years that it would be a shame to just rush it just to get a finish. I have therefore decided to work on Ted until it’s done. I started it back at the beginning of the year while in the motel, and I am now only a week or so away from the end.

(click image to enlarge)

I hope you enjoyed the last post. I felt I had to share the video. It was only a snippet to show what we, here in Christchurch, have been through for two years now. Thankfully we haven’t felt any large ones in a while now and even the small ones are just like a shunting. We know that there will be more to come for years and that the land is still shifting/settling,  but as long as they stay below 4mag I will be happy.

Here are some stats that I’ve just found:

• Almost 12,000 earthquakes and aftershocks have been felt since the 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit early on September 4, 2010

• 58 quakes in excess of magniture 5.0, GNS Science predicts the probability of a 5.5 to 5.9 shake has fallen to 32 per cent in the next year.

• The new city is predicted to cost $30 billion

• Fonterra is building a $500 million plant at the epicentre of the September 4 quake in Darfield

• Nearly $1b worth of building consents were approved in Canterbury in the first half of 2012,
• The amount of ready mixed concrete produced in the Christchurch metropolitan area has more than doubled since March 2011, to 112,000 cubic metres
• 97 per cent of Christchurch businesspeople plan to keep living in the city, and three-quarters of them believe this is a good time to invest
• The Earthquake Commission has received 414,148 building claims and 93,337 land claims. It has paid out more than $3.3b
• 1600 buildings needed to be partially or completely demolished and more than 80 per cent of that job is done
• 190,000 houses have been rezoned with 7779 properties have been zoned red
• A crown offer to buy red-zoned properties has cost over $915m to date. Three-quarters, or 5834, have signed a sale and purchase agreement and nearly 60 per cent, or 4545, have settled.
• Around 21,500 homes have been repaired.

Ted update

I finally got around to doing a scan, rather than a photo, for this update.

The colours are a little closer to real life now. You can actually see the fabric is slightly coloured, although it’s still not showing the colours quite right.

I think it has something to do with the light bouncing off the silk threads, or something…. I dunno.

(Click image to enlarge)

Next update will be? Actually, I haven’t decided whether I’ll continue on this, or work on Turandot for a week or two.

Both are close to completion, and although I have other pieces I want to work on, I do think I need a finish.

Giveaway Time…. with a bonus update

!! GIVEAWAY Time !!

To celebrate mid-winter Christmas here in NZ,  I’ve got a  couple of HAED QS or SK to give away to one lucky person.

All you need to do is just leave a comment with your best Christmas memory.

You can also get another entry if you mention this giveaway on my blog or Facebook page, just let me know the link. All entries will go into the randomizer and it will choose the lucky winner.

I can’t wait to hear all your comments. I’m sure they will take my mind of the cold gloomy overcast and wet days.

Entries close next Friday, Friday the 13th of July, so you have plenty of time to get your thinking caps on and good luck.

And to prove how yuck it is here, here is another picture of my Ted Stocking taken with the flash. sigh

(click image to enlarge)