And here’s another one

One completed SK Diewalkur.

This one took a total of 17 days to complete. I totally recommend a SK for a fast HAED finish. They might have the same level of confetti as some of the larger pieces but being a smaller size they are easier and quicker with no lose of detail.

It’s back onto ‘The Beast’ until the weekend now when Turandot will be back out to play.


A quick update

It’s the Freebie Sal on the HAED board again and since I have to wait until next month for the next page to arrive I worked on my SK Die Walkur again.

(click to enlarge)

Tomorrow it’s back to Iron Dragon. I’ve completely finished down to 60 rows fully across.  I’m starting to see the end in sight.

I’ll post an update after next weekend when I will have the latest Turandot update also. Yup, another month has whizzed by.

Another new start and an update

As promised here’s the first look at the new start I’m doing. It’s SK Diewalkur by Kinuko Y. Craft

It’s a little slower going than the Elfland SK but it does have loads more detail. I just love how it glows, reminds me of Iron Dragon’s beam of light.

And here’s the next update of Amy’s Venice. 2 pages already!!! She’s doing a lovely job on it.

And now for a moment of chart droolage……


(Next sale)

And after three days…..

I’ve been having so much fun with this. It’s gone so fast. I could just go straight through and finish this page but I should leave some for the next round of the SAL.

On a side note, once this page is finished, it’s not until April before the next page arrives, so I’m hoping to start another SK in it’s place. It’s going to be another one by Kinuko Y. Craft called SK Die Walkure