Another finish – SK Elfland

I’m so pleased to present, after 9 days of work…

SK Elflandby Kinuko Y. Craft

Thus ends the HAED board freebie SAL for this half of the year. Diewalkur will be slotted in for the remander of the SAL dates that are now empty.


One complete page and Amy’s Venice

Woohoo!!! I’ve finished the first page of the Freebie Sal and in only 5 days of stitching. I honestly thought it would have taken alot longer but it wasn’t as confetti heavy as you’d think.

Since this is out of the way until the next page arrives, April I think, I’ll be working on my other SK. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I’ll have that first page done too. Finishing pages is exciting.

And speaking of finishing pages….

Amy’s Venice…. what a speed freak. She’s already completed a third page. You go girl!!


Heaven and Earth Designs are having their Valentine’s Day sale and there is 25% off all charts. It runs through to the 14th.

I’ll be getting the drool chart I mentioned below just not straight away. The $NZ dollar has dropped recently and I’m hoping it will pick up a bit before the end of the sale.

And after three days…..

I’ve been having so much fun with this. It’s gone so fast. I could just go straight through and finish this page but I should leave some for the next round of the SAL.

On a side note, once this page is finished, it’s not until April before the next page arrives, so I’m hoping to start another SK in it’s place. It’s going to be another one by Kinuko Y. Craft called SK Die Walkure

New Year and a new start

Another year nearly done and hasn’t it flown by and what better time for a new stitching start.

The first page for the HAED freebie SAL arrived yesterday and today I put those first stitches into it. Here’s what it will look like once done

SK Elfland by Kinuko Y. Craft

There’s not much to show right now, but I will post an update soon.

I do have an update for you of QS Alexandra though. I was hoping to get more done before the SAL page arrived, I did get to the bottom edge of her, but ended up FINALLY going to see Avatar and also Sherlock Holmes.

Talk about a feast for the eyes. Avatar in 3D. Simply spectacular…..
visual effects by NZ’s own Weta workshop. Go Kiwi. Go see it!!!

As you can see she’s got her lips completed now. I’m slowly getting through all her skin. LOADS of 3865.

Over on the HAED board I’ve also posted by yearly goals. Lets see if I can get them all done, or if not how far off I was.

1. Finish SK Elfland – New start
2. Finish SK Die Walkure – New start
3. Get to 50% done on Turandot – Currently 40%
4. Finish QS Alexandra – Currently 25%
5. Start QS Crimson Dream
6. Get to 75% on Iron Dragon – Currently at 50%

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you have an even greater New Year. I’m off to find all my calendars. It is less than 12 hours until its 2010.