Latest Catfish pic

(This was going to be) Just a quick update. I nearly finished page 2 but have pulled out QS LOL early for this rotation of the Freebie QS SAL.

(click image to enlarge)

So next update should be a pic of that sweet kitty unless something else exciting happens and chances are VERY good of that.

I do have a little chart lust for you. It’s an updated version of Selina Fenech’s Sea of Roses.

and the original version

I am also closing the poll for the Ravenscroft Moggies to the left of the screen at the end of this month,so if your favourite isn’t leading you’d best vote for it. I intend to work on the winning choice next year.

Merlin is currently leading on 56 and Morgana is on 47 with Arthur coming in at 31. I think Gwen is out of the running at the moment.

We have had the full assessment of the house done…. finally.

We’ve been waiting since last September for them to come and tell us the cost of repairs but the Feb quake buggered that all up and now the estimated cost is a little more.

They estimate that repairs will cost about $50,000 NZ to get everything right.

We haven’t got the report yet but what they said needs doing includes….

Repiling 10 piles, re-wallpapering some rooms, re-plastering in the bathroom, re-stippling the ceiling, removing some external bricks to replace them (then repainting pretty much the whole house), lifting the carpet to screw down the floorboards, ummmm…

I think I’ve got it all. They said that the house has indeed dropped at one end and another end that we didn’t know about. I’ll share before and afters of the repairs once they get underway which might not be for a while if the wait we’ve had already is any indication.

Thankfully it’s mostly just cosmetic.


Got mail

With the snow we’ve had they’ve cancelled the mail deliveries but it would appear that the mail is now getting through.

There were a couple of surprises today.

I received by Selina Fenech book “Memory’s Wake” and my prize from Sara Butcher Burrier

The detail in my prize “button” is astounding. I work with small detail stitching my HAED but the little button has such delicate detail that I can only assume a magnifying glass had to be involved.

I haven’t had a chance to get into the book, physical copy or ebook (which comes with illustrations now) as I have another book on the go so I can’t tell you what I think. I am sure it’s great if the preview chapter I read was anything to go by.

While we’re on the subject of books I am allowed to order another book. This one will be a little expensive but I think fully worth it as both Tim and I will read this one. It’s the long awaited Nene Thomas and Steven C. Plagman collaboration, Book one of Zarryiostrom, Powerborn.

You can read the first few chapters on Nene’s website HERE

No stitching update today but I can say that I am only a few hundreds stitches off finishing page one of Catfish. Meow