Insert Space Travelling noise

I’ve been dying to share my new update, but I wanted to wait until after this weekend when the first episode of the new Doctor Who series aired. Although it won’t appear on NZ tv screens until next weekend.
It’s called Space Traveler and it’s by David Hoffrichter. I thought new Doctor, why not a new start.

24augts(click images to enlarge)

I’ve completed one full page plus bits of surrounding pages which probably adds up to two full pages done already

I had been working on Knitariffic up until then and I now have only two pages left and it will be done.

24augmsThere won’t be much stitching going on over the next few weeks as I have a couple of orders for some shawls. Two of the same design, which I’ve done before, both in black!!
The yarn hasn’t quite arrived yet, so I will continue to get as much stitching done until then.

I also have to share some news about Turandot. If you are my friend on Facebook you may already know about this, but my darling Princess Turandot is currently on loan to the Christchurch Casino and is on display in the VIP/high rollers room. Tim, my husband, works there, and thought it might be a nice idea to see if the power’s that be might like to change up the room a little and he thought Turandot might make a nice addition. He thought she would be possible put on the wall behind the cashier, but she has been put on full display in the main area. She can even be seen from the main gaming floor downstairs.

20140805_184304 20140805_185005
I was lucky enough to visit her a couple of weeks ago and I got loads of lovely comments about her. Although I do miss having her here at home, it is nice to have others appreciating the hard work.


Turandot – Completed

Turandot – Artwork by Kinuko Y. Craft
Charted by Heaven and Earth Designs

Started – 18th September 2007
Finished – 27 October 2012
Stitched on 25ct Lugana
450 x 633 – 284,850 little xs

(click all images to enlarge)

And as promised, here is her backside. I don’t usually like to share my backs, but I thought “just this once won’t hurt. Be kind.

As you might already know I don’t just work on one piece at a time, and I have just checked and all of my completed HAED pieces (so far) have been finished while she has been on the go. So, that’s over twenty HAED finishes to her one.

I have to add that it’s an overcast day here and while I was playing with the settings on the camera I thought I’d have a play with the vivid setting and I got this shot showing off all the colours that are in the piece.

And I have also put together a little something special that you can view HERE.

I hope you enjoy it.

Is that all?

I was hoping to share this update with another page done. I had a few things pop up that stopped this from happening. I am only a couple of hundred away from having it done, and it will be done for the next update, promise.

Not much left to go now!! Two pages and a couple of hundy stitches.

(click image to enlarge)

Turandot, not long to go.

From now on I will only be sharing updates of Turandot showing the gap I have left to stitch. I only have six sheets of chart pages remaining now, and some of those are already half done.

(click all images to enlarge)

I’d love to share a full size image showing the gap in relation to the whole piece, but I vowed not to share another full size picture until she was completed. I don’t see that being too many months away now šŸ™‚

Until she’s out again I will be working my magic on Teddy Stocking.

I thought I’d also show off my Nene Thomas/ Steven Plagman books, together. Book two arrived only yesterday.

If you are after them you can get them as Kindle books from

Book One: Powerborn is only $7.00 and has full colour images as does Book Two which is only $9.99

Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t worry. You can download the free Kindle app from Amazon and read them on your computer, smart phone, tablet…. etc

You can also buy them from Nene’s site, although there is very limited stock of book one now.
There are also plansĀ  for the series to be released as paperbacks in the future.

Turandot – 7 remaining pages

You can’t quite count the remaining pages on one hand yet, but it’s getting there.

(click image to enlarge)

SEVEN remaining pages and all those pages have stitches in them from when I carry them over from previous pages, so technically there are less than seven pages.

I’ve decided to work another week on this one, and my hope is to have another page done before the next update. I promise to try and remove any stray bits of fluff and dust when I take that photo.

Turandot and a thank you.

I have to say thank you to all who responded that they read my blog.

I can see that it is been read and that you do actually enjoy it. As thanks I will be running another giveaway soon, so keep an eye out for that sometime in the future.

I’ve had a little bit of chart lust over the last few days. MicheleĀ  of HAED posted an image of a chart which I instantly fell in love with but it hadn’t been put on the site until today.

Ā  Isn’t she stunning? I have the full size, but will probably never get around to stitching it so this is a welcome release.

Now what you probably want to see. Turandot. She’s on the homeward track. I will probably only be sharing partial page updates from now on and leave the next full size for when she is completed, but who knows.

(click image to enlarge)

I can assure you that she won’t just be chucked over the back of the couch for her finish shot, that way she won’t have all the wobbly edges. LOL