Knitting and day tripping

I’ve been meaning to write this up for a while now, but I’ve had a few photos that needed some editing, and I wasn’t looking forward to doing it, hence my putting it off. I have finally decided to pull the memory card out of the camera and get the photos sorted

Sadly, there is no stitching in this update, although I have made QS Merlin out recently. I’ve nearly completed the top quarter of the chart.

I do have some knitting though. This is a shawl I knitted as an order.

The pattern is called Calais, and is available for FREE on Ravelry.

I added a few more repeats than the pattern asks for to make it larger. I had the yarn, so why not. It’s done in Alpaca, by the way.

backwrappedwingflapshawlwing(click all images to enlarge)

Thanks to Jessica for her modelling skills.

Here is my latest knitting project. This one is for Mum. It’s called Desert Sands.

You may or may not be interested in the next part of the blog. If you like seeing New Zealand scenery you will want to keep looking.

Recently Tim and Ian (Petrina’s husband and Jessica’s Dad) decided to try out their respective 4WDs. Basically using them for what they were built for,. We all headed out to the Lees Valley, which is up behind were Petrina lives out in Oxford, Canterbury. Here are a couple of pictures from that trip. I didn’t take many, being 4WD and dusty. You can however see some fantastic shots of the trip on this website. It’s definitely worth a look.

mapPanarama mushfoot mushhatThe “panoramic shot” is one I put together. It’s overlooking the plains back toward Christchurch which is in the background.

The next set of shots are from a trip we all did the other weekend though the Molesworth Station. It is New Zealand’s largest farm, at over 1,800 km², and supports the country’s biggest herd of cattle. We didn’t see many when we went through. They must have been in the higher areas of the farm.

This is where we had lunch. It’s the confluence of the Clarence river and the Acheron River. The Department of Conservation (DOC) have spent our tax dollars well at these rest spots.

lunch2 lunch

4This is the Lower Acheron Suspension Bridge.
IMG_0339IMG_0345 IMG_0346

And here is the Rachel Range. How could I not get some shots of that 🙂
conv2rachl rachm rachr
This spot was also the confluence of the Acheron and Guide Rivers.roadThis road goes through Isolated Flat . A little further back up the hill (South) this road looks to be completely straight heading off into the horizon.

This shot was taken at the highest spot of the trip, Wards Pass. It’s an alpine pass and is 1145m high. This is why the road is closed during the winter months.
viewAnd finally, here is the Acheron Accommodation House. Although you can’t sleep in this building there is a camping area off to the right of the building.
houseYou can download a PDF information brochure, about the Molesworth, from the DOC website HERE, or you can pick up a printed brochure for $2 at this location

Well….. that’s all I have. There was so much more that I didn’t take photos of, and if you ever get a chance you need to take a drive through the station. It isn’t a short trip. I think it took us about 8 hours, but well worth it to see everything.

I have one final shot from our trip back home. This was taken not long into the trip and it had us sitting there for over an hour. It was a car roll-over.

crashIf you’ve managed to make it this far I promise to share an update of QS Merlin once I have him off the frame.