BEK update

Here’s the last update before the next page gets sent out

(click all images to enrage. Sorry enlarge)

I put her away last night when it was a balmy temperature of 10 degrees and rain.
I wake this morning to 1 degree and SNOW!!! AGAIN!!!

Talk about Deja vu.


Turandot for August

Another month, another update.

I managed to  finish another page I’d been working on and have started to work on a page that is on the next row of pages down. After that row of pages there is only a partial row of pages left.

The photo isn’t the best but it’s the best I could manage in this light.

We are slowly getting through the weather system that brought the snow to use and as it would happen most of the country, including a lot of the North Island. They say it was a once-in-50-year blizzard.

Thankfully the snow stopped after two days and then we had rain, so the snow won’t be around as long as it was last month; it was still there after a week!

It has also been cold but I have been warmed by the generosity of others.

Liz (Radidragon) and Louanne (CrazyForCrossStitch) gifted me

The Well Read Cat and

QS Severielle respectively.

I can’t wait to start them both although I do have some other bits to finish first, namely the Freebie SALs (which I have new pages for) and Catfish but I will be buying some fabric tomorrow in anticipation of some new starts.

Thank you so much guys!!

Edited to add:

I just checked emails to find Louanne has added to the  warmth and new start temptation by gifting me the wonderfully cute Hey Sis Did You Hear That.

It’s the look I get from Petrina sometimes when I talk to her. LOL

Deja Vu

It’s snowing again!!!


We are meant to be having snow for the next couple of days so this isn’ the worst of it.

It’s even cold enough that our parents who live just out of Blenheim (300km+ north of here) had falling snow. I don’t know if they’ve got any now but it’s not normal for it to fall there. The last time I remember it was when I was a kid.

Luckily Tim has the next 3 days off so we don’t need to head out. See the picture of the car… that was parked there less than 6 hours ago.  He managed to get home safely from work after a 30 min drive on snowy, deserted roads.

I’m sure that I will have more photos to share with my next update which will be of Turandot. I’ll work on her until the next SK SAL page arrives.

Did you notice I changed the blog layout?

The tagline is something my Granny used to say, the milk part is my contribution.

Had a bit of snow

Christchurch has just had it’s worst dumping of snow in 16 years yesterday and it’s lowest temperature since 1918. It was a very cool high yesterday of 3 degrees and I have the pictures to prove it.


Sunday night we went to bed with this

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Monday, we woke to this…

And today Tuesday….


Our water pipe which thankfully didn’t freeze some poor cat tried to get under the gate the street

looking up the driveway

Now hopefully the thaw won’t overload the wastewater system too much. And  I’m also hoping that we will have mail delivered today, I have a few things on their way that I will show once they get here.

Until then enjoy this snippit of Catfish

I’ve reached the top left corner!!!