New Knit a rific update

I’ve pulled out another of my slow WIP, this time it’s Knit a rific.
I’ve now completed the top row of pages

19Febs(Click all images to enlarge)

I haven’t just been stitching, I’ve also finished the second Forgotten Love mitt that I started at Christmas. This has been my travel piece and with some recently travelling I’ve been able to finally complete it.

mittThey still need to be blocked which will allow me to try out my new investment, glove blockers.

IMG_0382I will be working on Mum’s shawl now until the 22nd Feb when its will be the 3rd anniversary of the Christchurch quake.
Time sure does fly.

To commemorate the event I will be starting Christchurch Shawl

TOTA update 4-July

Only one page (and some stray stitches) to go.

14juls(click images to enlarge)

I have another knitting start on the go, but I haven’t taken a full photo of it yet.

Here is a closeup shot I took of it last night with my phone. The colours are not quite right but it gives you an idea of what the full size must look like.

The pattern is called Rushing Tide Shawl and can be purchased HERE

There are also matching socks, and like the pattern for the shawl, I was lucky enough to be gifted this pattern as well. So look out for those in the future.

I also have another KAL planned with Petrina. We both are going to be working on a shawl called Taliesin.

(click to be taken to the pattern page on Ravelry)

I’ve chosen a khaki green as my colour, and Petrina has chosen a blue, not to dissimilar to the blue used in the shawl above.

I just need to free up my needles and I’m all go for a start.

I will also be able to knit in the knowledge that I will be warm all the time. It’s winter here in New Zealand and if we don’t have the fire going we have the heatpump going. For the last couple of years the heatpump has been getting less and less heaty, and recently it’s been stopping and starting unnecessarily.We have had it in for nearly ten years now, and it probably could have lasted longer, but we have a feeling that all the shaking that the unit has had probably didn’t help with its longevity. Being lifted and dropped at the rate of 2g during the Feb quake probably didn’t do most things any good.

I finally convinced Tim to get the service people out to have a look and the unit had a faulty valve which would cost us a cool $1000NZ to replace. That was just for the part. Then there would be labour and refrigerant gas which is now longer used here.

So we decided to splurge and buy a whole new unit. Nearly $3000NZ all up, but it is grunty, hot and matches the carpet. LOL


b4and after….

b5It’s a lot blacker in person than the photo shows.

Knit a riffic update

I have really been enjoying this one lately and found it hard to drag myself away from it, but drag I did, and I will have an update on Spud next.26febs(click all images to enlarge)

I’ve also had my hands on the knitting needles. Here is an update on Guernsey Triangle. GT
And here is a new start, Isadora. I had thought of restarting this on some smaller needles as I thought the tension looked too loose, but seeing it stretched like this I think I will continue on. Thankfully I won’t need to block it too much, just pull out the pointy bits and I should look stunning.

I should add this is done in a Merino/silk blend so, as you might already know, I can’t get the colour and shine to show up as much as it does in real life, although you can see a little of the sheen in the photo.

And here is the finished driveway concrete. We need to redo the little garden to the right again. All the white rocks have to be replaced around the edge again so we’ll be weeding while we do that. It has been soooo nice to be able to part out of the view of the road again. We have a back section and have had to part on the gravel area for months now. done

SK Dragon – One page left

Only the first page is left.

It will be exciting to see the letters/words appearing out of nothing. The word “Mouse” is already legible as are few other letters.

(click images to enlarge)

I was hoping to have this done before I send out the floss usages for the HAED Sal. That way I can fill my floss box with the bobbins for Theatre, but I don’t think that will happen.

Our driveway looks a little different to the last picture.

With the help of our mate and three mini skips, Tim removed over 12 tons of concrete rubble from just the area outside the garage.

Once this area is relaid he’ll start removing the strip that runs up along the house and that has nearly the same amount of concrete to move. Thankfully having the unbroken area cut into pavers will decrease the cost of removing this bit.

Did you miss me? A little dragon update

I’ve been a little preoccupied of late.

I’ve been doing the Christmas shopping thing and setting up the HAED bulletin 2013 Freebie SAL so the stitching has been a little amiss of late.

I do have a little update of my SK dragon though.

(click all images to enlarge)

I’m not the only busy one around here. We decided to take an insurance payout on the repair to our driveway and are organising the new driveway ourselves. So… Tim has been preparing the old driveway by attacking it with a jack hammer!!!

Not only can we blame the earthquakes on the damage, but we can blame the earthquake for Tim’s destruction of it. After he worked at the deconstruction of the Eastgate mall he has wanted to get a jack hammer and destroy stuff. Now he’s like a pig in mud.

Back onto the subject of the Freebie SAL, I thought I’d share what I choice and what I will be sharing WIP of next year.

QS Theatre of the Absurd by Ciro Marchetti

Home, finally.

After being out of the house for 10 weeks we finally spent our first night back in it.

Goodbye Southern Comfort Motel (click all images to enlarge)

I thought when we had the initial hold-ups that we might be living out of suitcases for my birthday and I was nearly right; it’s less than a week away.

We’ve nearly got everything sorted. We have all the big furniture in and here’s my new stitching chair, so the most important piece of furniture is in.

I also can’t wait to stick some holes in the newly decorated walls for my stitching and calendars.

We are now slowly starting to get back to normal. Things are coming out of storage and we are finding new places for all the bits and pieces. Some stuff won’t be coming home but I’m sure we will find new houses for them.

I started my “welcome home” piece last night…. SPUD!! (aka Couch Dragon) No photos yet as there’s nothing to see.

But I do have some of my HDF silk piece Teddy Bear Tree Stocking.

Nearly home

The move home is imminent so  I thought I’d best do one last update before we do the big shift in and things turn to madness.

Those of you on Facebook may have seen a pic of  the entry area I shared, well… I have a couple more for you. The cleaners are yet to go through still, they have been booked for tomorrow and once they are done we can organise to get the new furniture home.

lounge before carpeting and

Thanks to Tim for the tracks from the tv cabinet. Also, the join will disappear once the vacuum has gone over it.

Until yesterday I haven’t been able to stitch on any of my HAED due to the room we were in having no comfortable stitching position available, at least no comfortable HAED stitching position.  So I knitted a hat, Dragonflies. Thanks to Jeannie-maree for the gifting of the pattern. It’s done in a merino/angora mix and it’s soooo soft!!! It still needs to be blocked, but I stuck it one my niece Jessica for a photo anyway. I’ll block it once we are settled back at home.

I was also able to start a new stitchy project. It’s something I’ve seen done before but never attempted myself; a biscornu.

Don’t you love the edging? The joys of having the sewing machine in storage. You use what you have handy.

I have yet to stitch all the pieces and attach the beads and sequins I need to complete the full project, but once I have them all done I will have a Christmas tree of descending sized biscornus. What is a biscornu?

A biscornu is an interesting little eight-sided pincushion that has become very popular in recent months.  The word biscornu (sometimes written biscournu) is derived from a French adjective, meaning skewed, quirky or irregular.

Excerpt from

I would put a picture of the finished piece up but why ruin the surprise.

I have another update of Teddy Bear Tree Stocking. I did some on it a few weeks back but pulled it out again last night and thought you might like to see an update.

I will go now and get some more done on the Teds since I won’t get much done once home.

The only needle I will be picking up for a few days will be the sewing machine needle. I have net curtains to hem!!!


Turandot and house updates

I’ve got a quick Turandot update for you.

I’ve had her out for the slow WIP SAL (SWIP) this week, but she will also be staying out for the confetti SAL this week. YAY

(click all images to enlarge)

The house action has resumed. The building company will probably say we only had ourselves to blame, but when you see how uneven the ceiling was you can understand why we questioned them.

the rise in the lounge and… the trough in the dining area

Their excuse for this….. it must have been like it before.
I have no idea why they can possible get it level but we’ll wait and see. They assure us that it will look level once done.

The painter/decorators have also been in and the wallpaper is off now and they’ve have been painting the exterior. They can’t start the inside until the plaster has filled the cracks and levelled the ceiling

before during

We’ve also got the council repairs to the water going on. We will have our indestructable blue pipe gone soon.

It’s had to believe that it’s nearly a year that it’s been running across the driveway and the only leaks it’s had have been where it’s leaked at the connection to the mains. And that’s only been twice.

We have also had to farewell a constant companion from the Sept quake…. Rocky

While the carpet has been up Tim decided to shift him and bury him again. He popped him in a hole that was under the hole that contained an uninstalled air-conditioning box. We can only guess that the previous owner was having it installed before she passed away.

The hole that the box is in had to be filled as the sand around it was slowly caving in and exposing a foundation.He’s filled it in with some of the broken bricks from his mate’s shop.

Needless to say, Rocky has gone. Maybe some future generation with dig him up and wonder what sort of people would bury a boulder and metal box with bricks. Maybe these items were sacred.

Back to Turandot I go. I will be working on the sleeve again.

Before I forget. I have another new start coming thank to Vani. She gifted me Couch Dragon, or as I like to call him


(click image to be taken to the chart on the HAED site)

And another reason why I don’t feel guilty about the new start is that Nance gifted me a 123 stitch gift voucher which I have used to purchase much  needed supplies for this and a soon to come non-haed start. Let’s just say it has beads and a crystal.


So thank you so very, very much Nance and Vani.

Full size Turandot

It’s the last night in this room at the motel so I’m putting Turandot away while we head out of the city for the two nights they don’t have a room for us. We will be back though, but I’ll get working on my Freebie SAL piece once we get back into our new motel room.

(click image to enlarge)

I have no new updates on the house repairs. They’ve been relining the ceiling in preparation for it to be painted. It was originally stippled, but since we didn’t like the stippling, and it’s the same cost to redo that or re-line, we’ve chosen to re-line it. It will add an extra layer to the ceiling which is helpful as the insulation in the roof cavity is next to none and there is no way to put more in due to the angle of the roof.

We have been busy buying same new furniture for the house. A new lounge suite and kitchen table and chairs. Since we’ve gone to the expense of buying new carpet for the house Tim didn’t want to put our old furniture (which has seen better times) back into the house. We also brought our 2011 Christmas present, a new front loading washing machine.

The savings are taking a hit, but what else is it there for but to buy things with?