Insert Space Travelling noise

I’ve been dying to share my new update, but I wanted to wait until after this weekend when the first episode of the new Doctor Who series aired. Although it won’t appear on NZ tv screens until next weekend.
It’s called Space Traveler and it’s by David Hoffrichter. I thought new Doctor, why not a new start.

24augts(click images to enlarge)

I’ve completed one full page plus bits of surrounding pages which probably adds up to two full pages done already

I had been working on Knitariffic up until then and I now have only two pages left and it will be done.

24augmsThere won’t be much stitching going on over the next few weeks as I have a couple of orders for some shawls. Two of the same design, which I’ve done before, both in black!!
The yarn hasn’t quite arrived yet, so I will continue to get as much stitching done until then.

I also have to share some news about Turandot. If you are my friend on Facebook you may already know about this, but my darling Princess Turandot is currently on loan to the Christchurch Casino and is on display in the VIP/high rollers room. Tim, my husband, works there, and thought it might be a nice idea to see if the power’s that be might like to change up the room a little and he thought Turandot might make a nice addition. He thought she would be possible put on the wall behind the cashier, but she has been put on full display in the main area. She can even be seen from the main gaming floor downstairs.

20140805_184304 20140805_185005
I was lucky enough to visit her a couple of weeks ago and I got loads of lovely comments about her. Although I do miss having her here at home, it is nice to have others appreciating the hard work.


8 thoughts on “Insert Space Travelling noise

  1. How awesome that Turandot is getting recognition! You must be so proud! I love knitterific – progressing so nicely! Great start on Space Traveler too!

    • Thank you Julie. I’m also glad Turandot is getting so much attention. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I post progress on the other two pieces. The knitting shouldn’t take too long (once the yarn arrives), and then I’ll be right back into it.

  2. Rachel you have been such a busy bee! Love little kniterrific and Your Space traveler is looking awesome!! Go You!! What an honor to have your beautiful Turnadot on display..that is so special!! Love that you share these great pics and news with us!!

    • Thank you Judy 😀 I really need to share more progress pictures of my stitching and knitting, but I find I end up doing less stitching and knitting when I’m taking photos. It’s a catch 22

  3. That is an amazing amount of progress on your new start! Hubby wants me to stitch it for him but I think I might go for the mini version! I love Knit-a-rific, although it will be lovely to see it finished, I’ll miss the updates. I hope the knitting goes quickly and you can get back to stitching.

    I bet it was a wonderful feeling to see Turandot on show for people to see, like an artist would seeing their piece in a gallery!

    • The progress is only about two weeks worth. It has been very quick so far. Hardly any confetti. I reckon you need to do it too. The mini hasn’t lost any detail, that I can see, and you’ll get it done quickly.
      I think I’m putting off working on Knit-a-riffic as I don’t really want to finish working on them. They’ve been so much fun and I don’t want it to end.
      It does feel like Turandot is up in a gallery. I think there should be stitching galleries. I have learnt one thing about the image that is incorrect. Apparently the hat that the “creepy guy” is wearing is a Korean hat and not Chinese. You learn something new everyday.

  4. Wow Space Traveler looks amazing. Great stitching progress on that one. Love the lil mice too. What a great honour it is to have your work on display like that. She looks so regal in her new post. Well done Rachel!
    xo Alicia

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