Catfish – left half complete

The slow WIP that I’ve been working on lately is Catfish.
It’s been nice working on a black and white, and particularity with the HDF silks.

2mars(click all images to enlarge)

I managed to wrangle my hand model (my sister Petrina) for a photo shoot of the Forgotten Love mitts.
The glove blockers worked a treat. They didn’t over stretch the pattern and they dried in no time.

IMG_0396 IMG_0397 IMG_0398I have made a start on Christchurch Shawl and am now onto the repeat rows of the body.
It needs to be blocked to show the design off to its fullest, but here is a quick peek at it.

IMG_0414I’ll be back to working on my Mum’s shawl now. The weather here has been quite unseasonably cold, and with the shawl getting larger it won’t be a problem having all the warmth of it on my lap. When I left it, it was at ten repeats of the pattern.


2 thoughts on “Catfish – left half complete

  1. So beautiful
    you put me to shame, my stitching has been very slow and only a little here and there. my knitting has been taking over. You do such beautiful work.

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