New Knit a rific update

I’ve pulled out another of my slow WIP, this time it’s Knit a rific.
I’ve now completed the top row of pages

19Febs(Click all images to enlarge)

I haven’t just been stitching, I’ve also finished the second Forgotten Love mitt that I started at Christmas. This has been my travel piece and with some recently travelling I’ve been able to finally complete it.

mittThey still need to be blocked which will allow me to try out my new investment, glove blockers.

IMG_0382I will be working on Mum’s shawl now until the 22nd Feb when its will be the 3rd anniversary of the Christchurch quake.
Time sure does fly.

To commemorate the event I will be starting Christchurch Shawl


5 thoughts on “New Knit a rific update

  1. Hard to believe it’ll be the 3 year anniversary on Saturday, it’s been a long road since then and with a long way to go still for some.
    I’ll be finishing my current shawl that day with the ladies at the Christchurch Guild of Weavers and Spinners, good company for the anniversary.

    • You are correct about there being a long way still to go. Our neighbour is still waiting for a rebuild and their daughter, who was born just after the Sept quake, hasn’t lived in a house without damage. I really feel for them as they shouldn’t have had to wait this long for things to happen, but their insurance company has not been very helpful at all.

      I hope you enjoy finishing your shawl. Finishing is also a perfect was to commemorate.

      • It certainly shouldn’t take this long to sort out people’s homes, but unfortunately it seems to be a common theme.

        I got the shawl finished last night, so pleased about that.

  2. I love Knit-a-rific, those House Mouses (I like that word better than mice, even if it’s not grammatically correct :P) are so cute, thankfully I grabbed a few of them when they were retired but not as many as I would have liked. I love seeing yours come to life!

    I love the mitts, they are such a lovely colour! Those hand thingy’s are fab and I’m sure you’ll find them useful!

    That must be a very emotional time for the residents of New Zealand and Christchurch in particular. It lovely that you are creating something beautiful to commemorate something so destructive. xx

    • I’m glad you grabbed some. It is sad that they aren’t available anymore, but I do have most of the ones I wanted and they will last me quite a while. I have made some progress on the Christchurch Shawl, although it took me a little time to finally get it started; Saturday turned out to be a busy day. Look out for a photo of that in the next entry 😉

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