Happy 2014 – Here’s a finish

I’m starting the year the way I intend to continue, with a finish.

This year I am aiming to get a few of my current wips completed, and here is my first one.

QS Zen Garden artwork by Ciro Marchetti
185 X 150 stitch
27750 little xs
started 13 Aug 2013
finished 1 Jan 2014
Using HDF silks and DMC thread on 28ct Jazlyn pale yellow fabric

QSzenfinisheds(click all images to enlarge)

With the new year comes a new ort jar. This is the first year I’ve had one and now that the year is over I can share the leftovers of my stitching for this year alone. For me it’s not how much I put in it, but how much I can avoid putting in it. Less thread means less waste. And less cost.

IMG_0258This year will also see me continuing with my knitting. It goes so fast that I forget to take photos so here are a couple I have neglected to post here. Al couple of these were Christmas gifts, although one of them the recipient paid for the wool, or should I say Alpaca.

leaf IMG_0206 closeup IMG_0221 IMG_0222 back IMG_0260Thank you so much for looking, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


6 thoughts on “Happy 2014 – Here’s a finish

  1. Congrats on that wonderful finish, I love the rainbow colors and the detail =)

    I also love your knitting, especially those gloves are simply beautiful (both in color and design)

    It looks like you already made a good start with 2014 and I hope this year will bring you health, joy and stitching time πŸ˜‰

  2. Whoa Rachel off to a flying start. I love the colours in the rainbow and how awesome is it to stitch with HDF silks. I wish I could afford to use them for all my charts and not just the 2 I have using them. I love all your knits as well, especially the colour in the gloves. You’re such a talented chick. Have an awesome 2014, wishing you and all your family a life full of rainbows!

    • Thank you Alicia. I also wish I could stitch exclusively with HDF but cost is a large factor in why I don’t. As it was I was trying to use the left overs from my other finished silk projects.
      Now if only I could start to reduce the wool stock as I have with the silk. Sadly there is so much lovely wool and many wonderful patterns out there that the pile keeps growing.
      I hope you and all your family also have a terrific 2014!!!

  3. Happy New Year!

    Zen Garden is beautiful! I bet it was a joy to stitch with those silks! I love Jazlyn too, it’s a lovely fabric to stitch on.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful gloves! As the temperature is dropping rapidly I can assure you they will be very useful! You are such a kind and talented lady and I am very lucky to class you as a friend.

    I wish you a wonderful year with lots of stitching and knitting, can’t wait to see what you create πŸ™‚ xx

    • Thank you Angela. It’s always bitter sweet to finish a piece of stitching that you have enjoyed working on so much, and I really did enjoy working on Zen. I’m so glad your mitts will get a work out. They are fashionable and practical.

      I have a couple more “projects” in the wings, unfortunately the knitting one I’m currently doing (my first ever real knitting order) will need some blocking to make it look its best, so I haven’t shared that yet. I have made some progress on QS Merlin but I haven’t taken any photos yet 😦

      I hope you and Mark have a terrific year ahead!!

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