Ice Palace update and some blocking magic

I’ve got a few of my knitting and an update of Ice Palace today.

I’ve blocked out Montadale

IMG_0046IMG_0044 (click all images to enlarge)

Sadly the patterning detail hasn’t shown up so well, but I think the way that it looks on more than makes up for that.

Another shawl I’ve finally gotten around to blocking is Rushing Tides.

IMG_0055 IMG_0050

Next up is my test knit of Golden Hazel blocked out.

Here is a shot of it unblocked….

GHunblockedand just like magic here’s what blocking does to it…


1 IMG_0030 3 4IMG_0058

I have also started on my mystery KAL Lemon Thyme, but I haven’t taken any photos of it yet. I might take some after I have finished clue 2.

And finally, here is Ice Palace.

I finally managed to complete my second full page of it.




7 thoughts on “Ice Palace update and some blocking magic

  1. Oh Rachel, you are a knitting wonder..Wow! love the pretty shawls/scarves..they are stunning..such pretty colors and detail!! And ice Palace is looking great…good progress on it too!!

  2. Rachel, your work is awesome! The colors are delicious, and the patterns so delicate and beautiful! It’s great that you can knit and $#*!^ and stitch and $#*!^!

  3. It’s always amazing what blocking can do to a knitted piece =) Both shawls look great =)
    I love your progress on Ice Palace, the blue colors are so beautiful =)

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