Ice Palace 15 Aug update and a few other things

I’ve been putting this update off as I knew I would have loads of pictures to edit for it. Firstly my Ice Palace update.

I’ve reached the top edge, and although it’s still quite detail heavy, with loads of colour changes, the edge has allowed me to speed up a little with the blocks of solid colour.

IP15ags(click all images to enlarge)

Next I have a new mystery start. Can you figure out from this update what it might be. A hint : It’s a QS (Also forgot to mention that I’m doing this in a mixture of HDF silks and DMC)

MQS15augAnd here are some knitting progress pictures.

First one up is a lace piece called Unwind. The pattern doesn’t show so well right now, but like everything will look totally different once blocked.

unwindAnd I also have a finished, unblocked shawl called Rushing Tides. As you can see, if you clicked the link, it will look totally different once blocked.

rushing tidesAnd here is my lovely niece modelling my finished Biellese. I am not 100% satisfied with the look of the pickedup stitches at the border and may, in the future, reblock it taking more care in this area.


fullAnd finally I have completed my KAL with Petrina (who hasn’t even started hers), Taliesin.

Here are some shots of it unblocked.


And here’s what it looks like nowblocking

point cu cu2Totally different.

I hope you managed to make it through all of this. Don’t forget to let me know what you think the Mystery QS is.


19 thoughts on “Ice Palace 15 Aug update and a few other things

  1. Wow Rachel, your projects are amazing! I’ve never seen knitting as good as yours… Is your new start QS Broken Angel by Dillman?

  2. Great progress on ice palace! And beautiful knitting! Love your colour choices on all the shawls, and I really love your shawl pin! šŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful knitting, it’s so stunning!

    I love Ice Palace, it’s coming along really well considering how much knitting is happening šŸ˜›

    No idea what the QS is, however I’ll guess at Red Silk Mermaid – Kuik.

    • Not Day Ends either. I can give a bit of a hint.

      The bottom left of the picture is the bottom left of the piece. And I did start in the middle.
      I will out in some more “colours” for the next update

  4. I thought Cardinal Song, but then I wasn’t sure, but I’ll guess Cardinal Song anyway because I love it.
    Your work is fabulous! Stitching & knitting!

  5. I love both your stitching and your knitting, but I don’t have the slightest clue what your new start could be =( I’m pretty bad at guessing such things šŸ˜‰

    I love how Taliesin turned out, both color and pattern are beautiful! I guess I should add that shawl to my queue and pick up knitting again (I tried, just to find out that my hamster tried to eat my knitting needle and now I need a new one….) =)

  6. So far all guesses have been incorrect. I am being a little mean making you guess what it is as it’s not on the retail site. Never has been. The image is is cropped from is. That’s a HUGE hint. I will have another update once I have a few “more colours” stitched.

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