A little stitching and some more knitting

I have finally blocked my Slackcountry socks. I made my own sock blockers out of a plastic chopping board. Works perfectly well, but I might cut some holes in them to allow the drying process to speed up.

slacksock(Click all images to enlarge)

Since my last update I have also started and finished Tempest Shawlette. It still needs a blocking to get the shape right and the stitches sitting nicely.

temp2And here is a closeup of the border detail.

temp1I also have some photo shoot shots of my completed French Cancan and Germinate (Formally known as the Mystery Shawl KAL 2013). Thanks to my niece, Jessica, for the lovely modelling (again). These shots were taken at the Water Lily Garden at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. I don’t think you can tell it was really frosty at the time.

RPspreaduse. Rbackwrappeduse. Rbackspreaduse. Jbackwrappeduse. Jbackspread2use.The bottom two shots are from Petrina’s shawl. She used the exact same colours as I did, just in a different order.

And finally, here is the latest on Ice Palace. I haven’t managed to get a lot done. I’m aiming for the top edge, but there is a dragon’s wing to contend with.

8JulsI currently have TOTA on the frame and I am motivated to get as much done on page three as I can this week.


3 thoughts on “A little stitching and some more knitting

    • You are welcome to try making your own sock blockers, as I have done.

      I used the templates that are available “for free” HERE at Cyberseams.com.

      They suggest using foam, but since I couldn’t find any I just used a thin plastic chopping board. It holds it’s shape quite nicely inside the sock.

      I used the second from largest size for these socks. All the instructions are given on how to choose the right size, so just remember the sock will stretch on your foot as well so sizing isn’t overly important.

      I hope this helps you. I know I was glad to find the templates as I wasn’t keen on spending what the commercial sock blockers are priced at.

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