TOTA SAL update

I sent out page three of the SAL this month which meant I could start on the bottom left corner of QS Theatre of the Absurd. When I was stitching it I had totally forgotten that there was the jester’s head, so I was wondering what all the odd colours were for.

I don’t usually have the cover page of the piece I’m stitching near me while I’m working, I find I end up looking at it to try and figure out where I am. I just know to stitch the stitches and let what appears, appear.

So seeing that head appear was a very nice surprise.

9Junes(click images to enlarge)

I have also not been just stitching. I have another shawl on the go.

This one is a mystery shawl which you can purchase from HERE
clue 2I also have a pair of socks on the go. I haven’t done enough to justify a photo, but maybe for my next update I will.

I started the socks for the World Wide Knit in Public Day. Petrina and I went into the library for a gathering our favourite wool store put on. They had a really good turn out and Petrina and I even won a prize. We won a 10 ball bag of wool which we split and I will be knitting French Cancan with it. I just have to get the right sized Knitpro needle ends before I can start it


2 thoughts on “TOTA SAL update

  1. Whoa Rachel you’ve done so much on TOTA. I’m envious I’ve barely got half of page 1 completed Yikes! You’re wip has inspired me though I think I will concentrate on it now or maybe after Guardian Angel. Man I can’t even commit to something before the sentence is finished…I love the French Cancan you are about to take on, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on winning all that wool!!! I’m sure Petrina will knit up something spectacular with it too!


  2. Great work Rachel, it’s really coming to life! I love the colours 🙂

    Love the knitting, sadly I’m not very creative and stitching is my limit. Great work winning the yarn, I look forward to seeing the finished items from both you and Petrina 🙂

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