Some pictures for you

Firstly, I have the “Teds” back from the framer’s. I was hoping to have a boot shaped mat but the framer has tried his hardest to find someone locally that could cut the shape but to no avail. I think that they still look absolutely cute and even though it’s not Christmas they are already up on the wall.

ted(click all images to enlarge)

I have a shot of the Anniversary Shawl off the blocking tiles. I probably could have straightened it out a bit more, but you never see a shawl perfectly straight when it’s in its natural environment. I am hoping to get a shot of it on someone at some point. Maybe I could talking my niece into modelling it for me 😉AMSI have also being knitting a new pair of mitts. I have completed on hand and I should have the second on done before I can get  my “hand model” Petrina to visit for a good photo.

Until then I will share the design that is on the palm.

tulipArrrghhhhh…. Forgot to include this. Those who may have seen this post in the first 30 mins of me posting it will have missed it.29mays


2 thoughts on “Some pictures for you

  1. Hi Thanks. It’s sad you could not get the boot shape mat but it still looks ok. I really like your Ice Palace stitching. If I could I would start it myself but I already have plans for my next one.

  2. I think your Teddy Bear Tree looks stunning, who cares that it’s not got a boot shaped mat or that it’s not Christmas…leave it up all year!

    I love the knitting, the colours are gorgeous! One day I may have to learn, but for now, I’ll stick with the stitching 🙂

    Ice Palace is coming on well, I love that wolf! I do have the chart, but who knows if I’ll ever get around to stitching, I hope I do!

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