The shawl is done

I decided, with me being so close to having it completed, I would just go ahead and get it done.

This is the first beaded lace shawl I’ve ever knitted and even though there may be a few little boo-boos I think it’s come out rather nice.

The pattern was a freebie KAL but the chart will be purchasable from HERE after the KAL is over.

I have yet to fasten off the ends. I’ve heard it’s best with the lace yarn to do it after blocking to avoid any tight puckering.

Next up with be the blocking. I think I’ll do that in a couple of days.


(click image to enlarge)

(edited to add) I just chucked this down on the ground for the photo and this will not be the shape it will be once blocked.


2 thoughts on “The shawl is done

  1. Hi, Ive just found your blog and all the heaven and earth charts you have done is just WOW!!! Can I ask if it is ok to put your blog on my blog list? My blog is and you can tell me at I can not wait to see what you are stitching next. Can I also ask “Ice Palace” are you doing the mini or the big one? I just got the big one because I saw it on your blog and with what you have done on it, well I just had to get it myself. Wish I had got the mini now after seeing how many page’s the big one is.

    • Thank you Amanda. Please feel free to add my blog to your blog roll. Ice Palace is the full size chart. It will be long time project, but like all HAED charts it’s one stitch at a time.

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