Turandot Framed

And here she is….

Turandotframed s(click image to enlarge)

– Artwork by Kinuko Y. Craft
Charted by Heaven and Earth Designs

Overall size is 24 x 31.5″


4 thoughts on “Turandot Framed

  1. Wow!
    You finished it at last.
    The frame looks perfect.

    I shared your link to it, on my Facebook page.
    Sorry your page wouldn’t let me like it, but I did rate it 5 *’s.
    Wonderful, just wonderful.

    I don’t know how you did it with all the disaster you’ve had over the last few years.
    Your such an inspiration.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work.
    It’s so wonderful to look at, especially framed.

    If I can make a request, would you, please, leave it on your blog, to keep inspiring us all.

  2. Wow, she looks fantastic =) I love the frame you chose and I think it was just made for your lovely Turandot =)

  3. Stunning! The frame is perfect. It makes it look all that more dreamlike and a little eerie I think. But that’s what I find so cool about the finished piece. Well done Rachel!
    Xox ♥

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