Knitting and stitching knitting.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update, but I haven’t been resting during that time. I have been busy stitching and knitting.

I knitted this hat for Tim using his favourite colour right now, hi-vis yellow. After the quakes he grabbed a heaps of hi-vis shirts that he wears everywhere. I got him some matching black and yellow socks, and when I saw a ball of hi-vis acrylic, I knew I had to knit him a hat as well. Good thing I did, he’s been away for the week visiting and hunting and it has turned cold so he was about to keep his head warm. Unfortunately I never had a chance to block it before he headed off but I’m sure everything will fit nicely without it.

hat(click all images to enlarge)

I used this free pattern but I extended the brim to allow it to be turned up.

I have also been working on a knitted mystery beaded shawl. No photos of that one yet.

And finally, here is my stitching update of Knit-a-rific.

3MaysI’ve completed a couple of pages since the last update and I now have some visible stitched knitting stitches.


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