One page down, many more to go – Ice Palace

I have completed the first full page. You can now see the wolves appearing.
15mars (click images to enlarge)

And here is the first update of my latest knitting project, Ringwraith Stole.
This is my “waiting in the car for Tim” project

I’m knitting it in a black 4ply which I think is slightly thicker than most 4ply I’ve worked with lately, so it looks a little chunky, but once it is blocked out (I’ve just pinned this so it’s straight) it will loose a little of that chunkiness and will be a lot lighter and lacier. Although I don’t think it looks too bad like this; you can see all the detail quite clearly.



9 thoughts on “One page down, many more to go – Ice Palace

    • I am so pleased Diana. There are some great tutorials out there, and once you know the basics there are so many things you can make. And thank you for the lovely comment.

  1. Rachel! Great progress on your Ice Palace, love the colors and the detail. Keep up with the great work.
    Love the weave pattern on the stole, It’s very unique. Lovely knitting.

  2. Wowzers Rachel! You have been a very busy bee Girlie!! Ice palace is looking wonderful..such great colors….and the!

  3. Congratulations Rachel on completing your first page on Ice Palace. It’s looks amazing. I love the Ringwraith stole, it looks really complicated to knit, but the effect is brilliant. Looking forward to more from you. xox

  4. Your stitching looks wonderful =)

    I love the nw stole you started. Susan Pandorf is a wonderful designer =) She designed a shawl called “In Dreams” and I already bought the yarn to knit it. I just need to purchase matching beads and decide weather i will just buy the pattern or the entire Fellowship of the Ring Collection 😉

    • In Dreams is a stunning piece and Susan is indeed a wonderful designer. In Dreams is one designer I will have to get in the future. I like some of the other Ring designs but sadly not enough to get the whole collection.

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