TOTA update

I had hoped to have this first page done this month, but this week of the Freebie SAL was interrupted by life and a few things put the brakes on my stitching.

9Febs(click image to enlarge)

Although I wasn’t very productive on the stitching front this week, one thing did get done that Tim and I have been meaning to do for ages and that is that these pieces to the framer.


The framer we had used for Icewind and QS Peacock has closed up business and left Christchurch (apparently) since the quakes,  so we’ve had to find a framer that will frame stitching correctly. By correctly, I mean they have to lace it. If you ever have a framed piece of stitching break and had glass in it you’ll need to wash it to remove the glass etc, you don’t want to find out at that point that it was glued to the backing board.


7 thoughts on “TOTA update

  1. Your TOTA is shaping up very nicely, Rachel. Hopefully, life will straighten out and you’ll have plenty of time to stay on track. I hope your framing and finishing turn out the way you’d like, and do your stitching justice.

    • Sometimes there are bumps in the road, and just like the roads here in Chch where there are bumps everywhere, we plow through. It may slow us down for a while, but thing eventually smooths out and you can floor it again. I’m sure the framing will turn out wonderful, it is a test run, of sorts, for another piece 😉

  2. Your TOTA is coming along lovely. I am sure you will soon finish the page. Good luck with the framing, hope it turns out lovely.

  3. Wow Rachel, your TOTA is coming along beautifully. Well done so far. I love the 2 pieces you chose to frame. I can’t wait to see them framed as they are totally different subjects. Keep stitchen!

  4. TOTA looks fantastic =) I love those colors =)

    I hope the framer does a good job (and will not demand to much money for it… 😀 )
    I’m looking forward to see both pieces framed soon =)

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