First look : Ice Palace

I’ve just started my next BAP and here’s the first look at it.

18jans(click image to enlarge)

This will be take a long time to complete, but like Turandot I will get there in the end.

Next update should be another update on my socks. I have done a little more since the last update but it’s only the heel, so nothing exciting to look at.

And I will have another new HAED start to share. I’ve just started it and it’s the chart and threads I purchased using the voucher I won from Lesli’s blog giveaway.

I also have been doing something this year that I have never done before. I’m keeping an ORT (Old raggedy threads) container. I usually just chuck the left over threads out, but I am curious as to how much I have thrown out in the past. I will be doing this collection exclusively for my stitching, so no knitting threads will be included.


4 thoughts on “First look : Ice Palace

  1. Rachel, what a beautiful start on Ice Palace. The detail is amazing so soon into the project and the colors are quite pretty as well. Have fun with your ORT project. I think you will be surprised how quickly your jar will fill up. Especially with a HAED chart.

  2. The colours look beautiful so far and you made a really good start. I have to admit I bought this chart too when it was released as OH loved it. Until I get around to starting it I’m going to enjoy watching yours take shape!

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