The SAL has started

And I’ve put in 4 hours so far, and already I can see the pointy bits appearing.


(click all images to enlarge)

BTW I have fixed the previously unclickable thumbnails. There was an issue with the new PB upload format but that’s sorted now.

I also thought you might like to see the completed “Translated” mitts that I shared in my last update.

TranslatedI can hardly wait for Winter now so I can wear them

I also have another project on the needles. It’s a Mystery Sock KAL. Petrina and I are both doing it thanks to a dear friend Fudgey.

Here’s the first part of the pattern complete. The Cuff

cuffNow to wait for the next part which is due in the middle of next week.

Off now to work on Tota, as Theatre of The Absurd will now be known as.


6 thoughts on “The SAL has started

  1. Great start, are you doing Theatre of the Absurd? I have made a start on Literate Dragon this morning and can’t wait to see the image emerge but since I do cross country it may take me a little longer 🙂

    • I cross country too, but I try to fill in the gaps before I get too far, that way I don’t need to move the frame too often.
      You are right that I am working on Theatre of the Absurd (Tota). I’m excited to watch the Dragon piece come to life, the Spanglers always turn out wonderful

      • I love the Spanglers and am starting four of his QS’s in January to get my rotation going. I stitch an entire colour at a time so am just finishing up the blac on p1 tonight and then I will start on another colour tomorrow x looking forwards to seeing your progress, this is one of the charts I want to earn x

  2. I love the colors in this one Rachel! So pretty so far.

    Those mitts are gorgeous. I will have to learn to knit one of these days. As my 7 year old told me the other day when her baby blanket was being “stitched” back up. “You know you really need to learn to knit to add to your talents mommy.” lol, I told her if she was going to keep using blankie as an “everything toy” instead of treating him gently that maybe she should learn to knit. Your knitting projects have me drooling most of the time. Of course I live in Florida, so when I would wear mittens is the real challenge.

    Happy stitching and knitting!

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