SK How to Train Your Mouse

I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on since the recent finish. Sadly I haven’t blocked it yet, so no photos, but I knitted a shawl, and I’ve been working on my current SK piece, How to Train Your Mouse

(click image to enlarge)

Ignore the hoop rings. The Qsnap just doesn’t hold the fabric right when it’s this small.

I also forgot to share what I got with the voucher I won from Lesli’s blog.

It may not look like much to the non-stitcher, but it was just like Christmas when these arrived, and it has allowed me to kit out nearly three WIP (to come) and also purchase a chart for a new start which will appear next year. I don’t want to ruin the surprise so it is turned over so you can’t see what it is.
Some of those threads are for it but I don’t think you’ll guess what it is.

I have also decided on the next BAP (Big Arse Project) which is to replace Turandot.

It’s Ice Palace by Ciro Marchetti.

(click image to be taken to the chart page at HAED)

I just need to get the fabric and it will be all go.


13 thoughts on “SK How to Train Your Mouse

  1. Can’t wait to see progress on The Ice Palace I love that pattern but would never stich it as it is too big for me to ever complete

  2. So happy you were able to get some WIPs kitted up with that certificate! Can’t wait to see what the WIPs are!
    Ice Palace is GORGEOUS! If only I didn’t already have so many BAPs going on already!! Are you making it a New Year’s start or starting it this year!?

  3. Very nice progress on your SK. And your new threads! How gorgeous! They look like they’d fit your Ice Palace (which I look forward to watching). Such a great win for a stitcher!

  4. So excited you are starting Ice Palace – too big for me, but it will be wonderful to watch your WIPS… Looking forward to your Surprise

  5. Wonderful progress on your storykeep. Love the amount of floss you were able to get. Look forward to your surprise chart. Ice Palace. Wow. It’ll be fantastic watching your progress on this beautiful piece.

  6. Lovely progress on your storykeep. Great new stash. Look forward to seeing what your new chart is and your progress on Ice Palace.

  7. Rachel, How to train your mouse is looking adorable. I’m so looking forward on your new start of Ice Palace. Congrats again on finishing Turandot, you must be thrilled.

  8. Thank you all for the encouragement for a new start and I’m glad you all approve of my choice.

    I am endeavouring to hold off on a start until next year which is why I haven’t rushed out to get the fabric, but who knows. There may be a new start SAL on the HAED bulletin board that might tip me over the edge.

  9. Whoa Rachel. Your Spangler bookmark looks amazing. All those pretty threads I know what you mean. To a stitcher it looks heavenly, to everyone else it’s just bits of thread. Lol.

    I can’t wait to see your new starts esp your beautiful Marchetti. Love it!!!


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