Turandot – Completed

Turandot – Artwork by Kinuko Y. Craft
Charted by Heaven and Earth Designs

Started – 18th September 2007
Finished – 27 October 2012
Stitched on 25ct Lugana
450 x 633 – 284,850 little xs

(click all images to enlarge)

And as promised, here is her backside. I don’t usually like to share my backs, but I thought “just this once won’t hurt. Be kind.

As you might already know I don’t just work on one piece at a time, and I have just checked and all of my completed HAED pieces (so far) have been finished while she has been on the go. So, that’s over twenty HAED finishes to her one.

I have to add that it’s an overcast day here and while I was playing with the settings on the camera I thought I’d have a play with the vivid setting and I got this shot showing off all the colours that are in the piece.

And I have also put together a little something special that you can view HERE.

I hope you enjoy it.


20 thoughts on “Turandot – Completed

  1. Rachel, congratulations for this stunning piece! I can say without a doubt that I have enjoyed watching your Turandot come to life more than any other HAED, including mine. Your work is impeccable, and that reverse side is simply unbelievable. See, the backs ARE important! I really don’t know how you achieved such a result with a HAED. I can’t wait to see it framed. It’ll probably take my breath away too!

  2. Oh my, you did it! She looks amazing! =) Congratulations on finishing her =)

    You back looks so neat…. I mean, you can actually “see” the picture there… 😉

  3. Well done Rachel, she looks amazing! The video was such a cool idea to see her coming to life.

    The back of your work looks almost perfect too!

    Congratulations on such an amazing finish and I look forward to seeing your next project!

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