Is that all?

I was hoping to share this update with another page done. I had a few things pop up that stopped this from happening. I am only a couple of hundred away from having it done, and it will be done for the next update, promise.

Not much left to go now!! Two pages and a couple of hundy stitches.

(click image to enlarge)


7 thoughts on “Is that all?

  1. Drumroll please….OMG Rachel you are so close. Are you getting excited? Well I am .Will this be your largest finish? I’m not sure as you have had so many. I just wish I could see it IRL. You go girl,

  2. I am getting that finish itch. This will be the largest I’ve finished. At 450×630 it is a little larger than Ice Wind which was 350×511, although I tented her on 28ct. So, Turandot on 25ct 1×1 full crosses has taken a little longer and is a little larger. Ok, A LOT larger!!

  3. I got to see it today, and I wouldn’t be able to stop stitching her (if she were mine) knowing how little there is to go.
    Can’t wait to see her finished!

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