To finish, or not to finish

This question was asked by friend on Facebook recently and it made me think.
I have Turandot close to completion and Ted Stocking close too.

I have decided that after stitching Turandot for so many years that it would be a shame to just rush it just to get a finish. I have therefore decided to work on Ted until it’s done. I started it back at the beginning of the year while in the motel, and I am now only a week or so away from the end.

(click image to enlarge)

I hope you enjoyed the last post. I felt I had to share the video. It was only a snippet to show what we, here in Christchurch, have been through for two years now. Thankfully we haven’t felt any large ones in a while now and even the small ones are just like a shunting. We know that there will be more to come for years and that the land is still shifting/settling,  but as long as they stay below 4mag I will be happy.

Here are some stats that I’ve just found:

• Almost 12,000 earthquakes and aftershocks have been felt since the 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit early on September 4, 2010

• 58 quakes in excess of magniture 5.0, GNS Science predicts the probability of a 5.5 to 5.9 shake has fallen to 32 per cent in the next year.

• The new city is predicted to cost $30 billion

• Fonterra is building a $500 million plant at the epicentre of the September 4 quake in Darfield

• Nearly $1b worth of building consents were approved in Canterbury in the first half of 2012,
• The amount of ready mixed concrete produced in the Christchurch metropolitan area has more than doubled since March 2011, to 112,000 cubic metres
• 97 per cent of Christchurch businesspeople plan to keep living in the city, and three-quarters of them believe this is a good time to invest
• The Earthquake Commission has received 414,148 building claims and 93,337 land claims. It has paid out more than $3.3b
• 1600 buildings needed to be partially or completely demolished and more than 80 per cent of that job is done
• 190,000 houses have been rezoned with 7779 properties have been zoned red
• A crown offer to buy red-zoned properties has cost over $915m to date. Three-quarters, or 5834, have signed a sale and purchase agreement and nearly 60 per cent, or 4545, have settled.
• Around 21,500 homes have been repaired.

3 thoughts on “To finish, or not to finish

  1. Glad you sticking to ted it is looking very impressive. And 12,000 shocks and quakes :O
    I am glad now that things are turning around it does take time we are still not there 3 years after the fire but at the end of the day it is only bricks and plastic the lives can’t be replaced and I hope mother nature behaves herself now

  2. I agree, that Ted should be more demanding right now, since Christmas is right around the corner (bite my tongue). I’m sure Turandot will happily yield this time.

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