Teddy Update and more

I finally managed to take a photo of my stocking without the flash, although it is another grey overcast day. What’s up with that?

I think one day I will stick it in the scanner so you can see the actual colours, as you can’t even tell that the fabric IS slightly yellow. sigh

(click all images to enlarge)

I only have three pages of chart left on this now and I’m sure it will be as slow going as the rest of it, so no quick finish on this one.

I had mail arrive the other day from America. Brigid mail to be exact.

These prints are available to purchase from her Etsy shop

and they are (from left, up, then down): Facing Change, Saved by Love, the long piece is Steampunk Fairy Raven Crow (large print), it is also available in a smaller size too, and finally Unfair Things.

Look like it checking out frames again.

Another piece of exciting news is that the Nene Thomas and Steven Plagman bo0k 2 is now available.


Next update will be Turandot, hopefully with another page completed.


6 thoughts on “Teddy Update and more

  1. I love the teddy bear stocking, I hate it when the photo’s don’t truly reflect the colours in the piece but I’m sure I can imagine how beautiful it looks in person. It may be slow going but you know it’ll be worth all the effort!

    I love Bridget’s artwork and I have a number of her charts that I dearly want to stitch, I may end up buying the prints in case I don’t get to stitching them though.

    I haven’t read the first of Nene’s books but as Mark (my OH) is planning to buy me a Kindle, I may just get both on that and save them to read when we are on Honeymoon!

    • LOL Reading on your honeymoon 😉

      You could actually download the kindle app from Amazon and use that until you get your Kindle, that way you can spend your honeymoon doing other stuff.

  2. I love the work you did on the stocking, it’s just to cute =)
    I am totally amazed by the prints you got, they are breathtaking (just payed a visit to the site)!
    The book look very promising, too =)

  3. Rachel, Teddy stocking is looking amazing and adorable. Thanks for sharing the art you received from Brigid, wish I could see it IRL. Agree about the books they look very interesting.

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