And the Winner is…..

Before we get to that.

Thank you to all who entered. I had a wonderful time reading everyone’s experiences. Some of those memories are ones that you will last a lifetime.

And a special thank you to Petrina for her memory. It reminded me to find this picture.

Yup, that’s me that Christmas. I don’t think my hair looked that bad at all. LOL!!!

Love the 70’s decor.

Where were we? That’s right. We had 27 separate entries for the draw and the… winner… is…

• Sarah Greiner •


Congratulations Sarah! Please let me know the two QS or equivalently price pieces that you would like and I will organise them to get to you.

Sorry to all those that didn’t win, you can however enjoy this latest update of the Teds.
I’m starting to think that these Ted’s are Twilight vampires. Every time I take a photo it’s overcast and I have to use the flash which makes them sparkle.

(as always, click images to enlarge)

Next update will be Turandot.


7 thoughts on “And the Winner is…..

  1. Ohmigosh ohmigosh!!! I rarely ever win anything so I’m just tickled! I’ll send you a pm. 🙂

    I think you were adorable in your pink bathrobe and sunglasses.

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