Giveaway Time…. with a bonus update

!! GIVEAWAY Time !!

To celebrate mid-winter Christmas here in NZ,  I’ve got a  couple of HAED QS or SK to give away to one lucky person.

All you need to do is just leave a comment with your best Christmas memory.

You can also get another entry if you mention this giveaway on my blog or Facebook page, just let me know the link. All entries will go into the randomizer and it will choose the lucky winner.

I can’t wait to hear all your comments. I’m sure they will take my mind of the cold gloomy overcast and wet days.

Entries close next Friday, Friday the 13th of July, so you have plenty of time to get your thinking caps on and good luck.

And to prove how yuck it is here, here is another picture of my Ted Stocking taken with the flash. sigh

(click image to enlarge)


28 thoughts on “Giveaway Time…. with a bonus update

  1. The stairs at my Mum and Dad’s house used to be open with bannisters at the side and they looked onto the living room. Me and my sister would take it in turns, very early on Christmas morning, to hold on to the other’s legs while we hung head first down the stairs to look at how many presents were under the tree! My Mum must have heard us “whispering” about how many presents there were!

  2. My best Christmas memory is a fairly recent one, Christmas of 2004. That was the Christmas I was 6 months pregnant with our first. We had been trying to get pregnant for 10 years and had 5 misscarriages between 2001 and 2003. In late September I found out I was pregnant and past the point I had lost all the others. On Christmas Eve she was so active and rolling around and my husband was able to really feel her moving around for the first time. That was the most special Christmas Eve memory I have, falling asleep with both my and my hubby’s hands on my stomach feeling our little one moving around so happily. Her middle name is Noel because of Christmas and how happy we were and as a happy coincidence, it is also my husband’s name Leon spelled backwards. We’ve had many happy Christmas memories since then, but Christmas 2004 was and always will be special to me.

  3. teddy looks great won’t be long now and you’ll have another finish

    as for my best christmas memory it was going to hobart and staying with Aunty Kath and uncle ted and going to the pictures in our PJs with blankets to watch one of the Muppet movies and having those floret lollies which you can still get now but don’t taste the same

  4. My first thought was one from childhood, but zadiana’s comment reminded me of another one. I hope you don’t mind me sharing both.

    When I was a child, it was very exciting when we were pronounced old enough to go to Midnight Mass, instead of the children’s one in the morning. My mother would often make my sister and me a new dress for the Mass. I remember her sitting at her sewing table on Christmas Eve, working busily as we tried not to fall asleep, scrambling to get one dress or the other finished before it was time to leave. She always made it, too.

    I fell fell pregnant in the middle of the year, so that by the time Christmas came around, we’d already had our 20 week ultrasound, at which we’d learned the sex of the baby. Since then we’d been tossing around names and had decided what we were going to call him. We decided not to tell our families straight away. Instead, all their presents had a card on them instead of just a sticky label, wishing them a happy Christmas from Kerry, Dave and Marcus. I know for certain my dad opened the card, read it without paying attention and didn’t notice. It was my sister who suddenly jumped up in excitement. She must have actually read what was written down. I’m not sure if we’d even said we were having a boy, so it was a wonderful and fun way to share the news. He was born three months early a month later, so even thought we’d thought we were letting the cat out of the bag a bit too early, it turned out to be perfect timing.

  5. Teedy Stocking is looking fantastic!

    My best Christmas memory is one from when I was a kid and my little brother was really unwell all over Christmas. All I can remember was him laid out asleep on the floor in front of the Christmas tree while using our dog as a pillow. he looked so peaceful and cute and the silly dog just laid for hours like that while he slept, he didn’t move an inch! We spent all day trying to enjoy Christmas while being really quiet so we wouldn’t wake him up which was amazingly a whole lot of fun! We still have a photo of him asleep on the dog!

  6. My sister and I were the only grandkids at the time, and we lived in a different state than our grandparents. We lived in California, and they lived in Utah. We were something like 4 and 5 at the time, and we went back to Utah for Christmas. It was Christmas Eve night, and grandpa thought that my sister and I were safely contained downstairs, because he had to get all of our Christmas presents out of the attic where he had put them so that we wouldn’t find them. To do that, he needed a step ladder, as the only access to the attic was through a panel in the ceiling of the hall by the upstairs bedrooms. Well, my sister and I managed to slip away, and were standing at the bottom of the ladder as he was coming down with arms full of brightly wrapped packages, and we wanted to know why Santa had put all of the presents in the attic instead of under the tree. Thinking fast, he told us that Santa was going to be very busy that night, and he had come over earlier in the day to see if Grandpa could help him by letting him leave the presents in the attic where he knew that they would be safe, and where Grandpa could get to them to put them under the tree for us. That was perfectly logical to my 5 year old sister and my 4 year old self, so we said “OK”, turned around, and ran back downstairs to play.

  7. I grew up basically as an only child even though I have 3 siblings. My parents were 40 when I was born, and my brothers and sister moved out when I was pretty young. By then my parents were not very happy together and my dad had a pretty bad drinking problem, but he usually pulled it together at Christmastime. My best memories are every year on my birthday, which is just before Christmas, my dad and I would go to an outdoor Christmas tree lot and get a tree together. He would put it up and we would decorate it together. It was one of the few things we ever did together, and it meant so much to me, and still does! (Hes’ been dead for 8 years now.)
    Your teddies are looking great, and thanks for the contest!

  8. My best Christmas memories are the two that my kids had their first Christmas. I loved watching their faces as they opened their gifts. lol, and then played with the boxes, instead.

  9. My best Christmas would have to be the year Rachel cut all her hair off while we were staying at our Granny’s house. She looked like Elton John especially with the plastic glasses she wore in one of the photos. We also got Mickey Mouse ears and Mickey Mouse Club T shirts too.

  10. Oh my…your teddy bear stocking is so beautiful! I love that star on top!

    I have so many wonderful Christmas memories! I’d have to say my best memory is of something that happened every year as a child. My grandmother always slept over at our home the night before Christmas, and every year she would be the first one to wake up and she’d come in and wake me up to go see what Santa brought. I think she was more excited about it than I was!! She has since passed, but every year, as my children come in and wake me up to go open gifts, I always think of my grandmother. 🙂

    Added a link to your giveway on my blog’s sidebar!

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  12. First of all, your stitching on Teddy Bear Tree is very lovely and I mentioned your give away on my blog =)

    I have been thinking about my best Christmas memory over the past days and I am still not sure which one it is.

    I guess the best Christmas memories are from my very early childhood, when all my grandparents were still alive. My grandfather died when I was four, so it’s quite hard to remember 😉
    But I loved him so dearly and he made family gatherings so much fun. He played the Santa for us and I remember that he was very good at convincing us that it was not him 😉 And we got many beautiful self made things from him =)

  13. I can’t wait to see your Teddy Bear Tree Stocking finished. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    My best Christmas memory is really a combination of years. When I was young, times were really hard. My Dad was in construction, so when winter came along, he was often out of work. No matter how hard times were, Christmas was family time. We managed to get by-Santa always came.This was the one holiday every year we knew my Dad would be home all day. Mom always cooked a wonderful meal-and still does. Even though we would have gifts from Santa, we all knew gifts weren’t everything. Our family formed an unbreakable bond. That bond still holds.

  14. It had to be Teaguen’s first Christmas. We were stationed in Charleston, SC, but our family lived (and we now live in) St. Louis, MO. Patrick got leave a couple of days early, so we decided to leave and drive the 15 hours home on Christmas day to surprise them. We pulled into my MIL’s driveway at 7:30 at night Christmas night, after driving from the early morning hours straight on through, and no one was at home! They were all visiting other family! We hadn’t worn clothing for winter because it was 70 degrees when we left Charleston, but there was snow on the ground in St. Louis. We stayed in the car for an hour, and then a very surprised car pulled into the driveway behind us!

    We were treated to lunch meat sandwiches for our Christmas dinner because they hadn’t planned on a big dinner since we weren’t due for a few days. Teaguen was very sleepy, but was passed lovingly from lap to lap, and giggled away for his delighted family.

    Even though we spent hours in the car, it was still a wonderful Christmas!

  15. The teddy bear tree stocking is lovely. My favorite Christmas memory is my DH proposing on Christmas morning. He had been hinting at something big for a couple of months and I actually thought he had brought me the alpaca I had always wanted.(still waiting on that.

  16. Looking great Rachel!!

    I don’t know if this is my BEST memory, but it is the most vivid. We lived in NE, and our house had two stories: upstairs were the bedrooms, downstairs everything else. My older brother and I shared a room. It was Christmas Eve, and I obviously couldn’t sleep. I heard Santa! So I wake up my brother and tell him Santa’s here. He just rolls over. So I shake him again, and he tells me that I should just go and looj through the

    • Wow, posted too soon. He told me to look, so I go out and peek through the banisters when……

      My mom comes running out of her room, hair in curlers, yelling at me to get in bed!! She was frantic, my guess is that Dad was downstairs that very moment 🙂


  17. I really don’t desire to be entered into the drawing, as I’d rather see someone else win one of your charts. I have so many already, and will probably never get around to them. But I would like to share a story about my first Christmas after getting married. (We’ve shared 50 Christmasses together since then). Being newlyweds, and times being tough, and my husband’s unexpected surgery, we decided that his coming home was celebration enough, and we would need to use what money we had for his doctor bills. My mother gathered all her S and H Green stamps together (back in those days we’d get a stamp for every dime spent at the grocery store, and they could be traded for gifts). She offered them to us, and I selected a chess set for DH, and he selected a much-needed ironing board for me! We laugh now, as the years have been very good to us, but that Christmas turned out to be one our most memorable.

  18. My family had a Christmas tradition — every Christmas Eve, my mom would open the cabinet where she had “hidden” all the Christmas gifts and my brothers and I were allowed to carry them out to the living room and place them under the tree. It was done very slowly and methodically and we had to be very very careful as we handled the presents, but that was the best part. It create a huge sense of excitement and anticipation. As if we weren’t already insanely excited about Christmas. It was so much fun to see the pile grow and carefully poke about reading the tags and seeing which ones were for me. On Christmas morning, we’d rush out to the tree and there would always be a few more presents “from Santa” added to the pile.

  19. I’d have to say it was the year that I had broken my leg as a child and had been in hospital. Was in hospital for my birthday and was supposed to be in for Christmas as well. They took x-rays on Christmas Eve morning and in the afternoon my Doctor came and told me that the healing was progressing quicker than usual and I was able to go home. He was supposed to go through a bunch of paperwork in order to release me but that staff had already gone home. He had my parents sign a few things and said he’d take the heat for it later and let me go home to enjoy Christmas with my family.

  20. One thing that sticks firmly in my memeory happened back when I was a kid. I am the eldest of six, and as such was well aware that there was no Santa, however on this particular Christmas eve night I think ‘Santa’ (not sure if it was Mum or Dad! lol) had been indulging the christmas spirit rather more than wise, as on Christmas morning we all awoke to a sack of pressies at the ends of our beds as expected, but the smiles on the faces of the younger ones didn’t last long as they started to open their gifts. My little brother got a ‘Sindy’ doll, My sister a tank and so on! Santa had managed to get everything mixed up and nobody got what they should have. ‘Santa’ was horrified, but me and my sister thought it was hilarious!

  21. My best Christmas was a very very recent one being Christmas 2011. I was just under 8 months pregnant and planning on spending a last Christmas day with just my parents at their house, while my other half did the same. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans… I started having contractions around 1am, ignored it thinking its too early it’s a false alarm. Somewhere around 4.30 I decided that they felt very regular and perhaps I should get up and time them… 4 minute apart. So I woke Mike and said “I think we might have a slight problem”, he suggested perhaps I should call the hospital, so I did still thinking it was a false alarm and they said come in and they’d check it out. It wasn’t a false alarm and Sam was born 7.20am Christmas morning by emergency c-section. Having had a general anaesthetic I didn’t see him for several hours, but when I did he was perfect, and fine despite being born 5 weeks early. I couldn’t have had a better Christmas present. Despite missing Christmas dinner at my parents and spending it in hospital. I still got to see all my family as they came in to visit. It was all a bit surreal, but I’ll never forget it. I suspect this Christmas will be even better with a little one to share it with 🙂

  22. I’ve forgotten lots of things over the years about my childhood, but I can remember some things. I don’t really remember many Christmas mornings, but I remember always having to find “Tinkerbell”, which is a little plastic angel ornament in a pink dress who was glued into one of the sections of a cardboard egg container and then glitter was glued in and on it. She always had to go on the tree. I also remember doing the “tree dance” when my sister and I were younger – we would go around the tree, when we had a real. cut tree, and we would stretch our arms up as far as they would go. And then it was always like greeting old friends when the boxes of Christmas ornaments would come down and we’d go through them and decide where to put them on the tree. I remember also thinking that the white greenware statues of the nativity should be colored and that I could paint them with my water colors. Luckily, my mom found me and stopped me before I could paint more than one of the wisemen. Mom made sure thata granny never found out or else I would have gotten a Christmas spanking! lol I don’t really remember the Christmas mornings, but I do remember a counted cross stitch kit of a pair of dragons which I stitched not long after I taught myself to stitch and have lost and found several times over the years. They’re currently hanging up in my bathroom.

    In my adult life, none of my Christmases have ever really stood out, but the annual Hanging of the Greens service is always a wonderful thing. This is where the various facets of Chrismas time are explained, like the star or the tree or whatever it is. And there are always a song or anthem-type piece. And one of those, Candles of Advent is my second favorite piece we’ve ever performed, due to the flute part I love to play. My favorite is La Pieta, which is appropriate at any time of year. And I think my most moving Christmas memory was last year’s Christmas Eve service, where I was playing Silent Night, it was just the flute and I played it probably 6 times. Meanwhile, the entire congregation ringed the sanctuary and the candles were lit, each person passing the flame onto the next. It was beautiful and moving to see the whole church ringed with light.

  23. Christmas was awful when i was younger, dad and drink didn’t mix well, so i have to say i enjoyed the best Christmas when we moved away from the inlaws ( lived next door to them for 16 years) and had Christmas on our own, it seems that I walked from one family that had a problem with drink to another.

    We went to Scotland rented a cottage that looked like it was from the 1970’s and sat in front of the coal fire playing board games with the kids and watching 4 channels on the tv and i would read and stitch. It was freezing cold outside everything was a thick blanket of frost we had little money but i needed to get away from family so we would walk on the deserted beaches, look for shells and generally did nothing, but it was my best Christmas so far, i want to have another like that as last year we had everyone at our house for christmas dinner no idea how i survived was like something out of the soaps. nothing as exciting as other peoples I’m afraid but with the life i have had so far peace and quiet is fine by me ( well not too quiet as i sit and stitch with muse blasting out of the kids iPod since if hubby is watching crappy soaps – i am still waiting for hubby to replace my iPod what we lost in fire, so i have to take katy perry and hannah montana off and put them back on before my youngest knows what i have done lol)

    fantastic progress on teddy stockings as every! but really cant wait for Turandot!!

  24. My best Christmas is for 2 of them. When each of my boys had their first Christmas and the joy on their faces when decorating the tree and seeing the gifts under the tree. Then taking them to see Santa. Those are my best memories. They are now 20 and 22 🙂

  25. My best Christmas was about 5 years ago, my oldest daughter took hundreds of pictures of all the kids, the grandkids, me and my mom and dad and made a powerpoint presentation – she gave everyone in the family a copy of this for their Christmas present. It has become a family tradtion, each year now, one of the kids (I have 6) makes a PP Presentation of the family (with music) and gives it away. Makes a great gift, and it’s a great way to share memories.

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