Kitty update and some framing

I’ve had my QS Bookend kitties out to work on since page three has been released.

She now has a bottom!

(click all images to enlarge)

BEK is not the only thing that I’ve been busy on. Turandot is out early and I’m working on reaching the bottom left corner on her as well, although I have, just now, decided I will probably try and put some stitches into my stocking which has a couple of pages that are nearing completion. I do like completing pages. Something I’m not so keen on is framing my finished pieces, but….

I finally bit the bullet and framed Tim’s piece.

I think Tim likes it as it’s hanging just inside the front door for all to see.

And a bit of warning. I’ll be posting info on a giveaway in the next day or so.


6 thoughts on “Kitty update and some framing

  1. Looks like great progress on several of your pieces! So glad to see that! And Tim’s completed piece looks great! He must be so proud that you worked this up for him.

  2. Bookend Kitties is looking amazing! I am so slacking on my SAL piece (Blue Moon) as I haven’t even finished the first page yet. I am NOT giving up though!

    The frame picture looks great, well done for getting around to framing it!

  3. You did an amazing job with the kitties =) The design is so cute (I can’t wait until my kitty looks like that…) =)

    The framed picture looks wonderful and I am eager to see your progress on Turandot =)

  4. Thank you all very much for the comments on kitty and the framing. I think even though framing myself is a PITA it is well worth it. I can make sure that the lacing is tight and it is straight which gives a nice finish, but doing it…. blughh.

    I will be posting details on the giveaway tomorrow once I get up and have an updated image of my stocking to share

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