Little Knight hat

Since I have Turandot out and you won’t get to see here progress until later this week I though I’d share what I made during the week.

The pattern is called Little Knight and you can find it for freeeeeeee HERE

I knitted them for a workmate of Tim’s who is expecting twins boys very soon. I’m sure they will keep them warm during the rest of winter.

While I’m writing I would like to thank all who read this blog and follow it but lately I’ve had a lose of motivation to post. I’m wondering who exactly is reading this blog. I do know quite a few of you who comment regularly, which I love.

But, I’m wondering who out there reads it, either as an email send to them, which means you don’t come to the blog itself, for just sees the images via Facebook etc

Can I get you to just click the little “like” button at the bottom of the post (even if you don’t like the post LOL), or just pop in a quick comment so I can get a head count.

Thank you for reading and next update will be ofTurandot who now has another page completed.


13 thoughts on “Little Knight hat

  1. Love the little hats and I’m sure they’ll keep those little noggins toasty! Sorry I have been lax in posting everywhere… 😦 but I do read & like your blog. xoxo

  2. Love the hats Rachel, and can’t wait to see more progress on Turandot! I get your blog via e-mail, that way I can still read it whilst on my break at work (sneaky eh!) but don’t always get chance to comment – SORRY!! But love following your progress πŸ™‚

  3. Love the hat and like louise I cant wait to see another update on Turandot. I get your blog via email, too. Since I have you on my blogroll, I’ve unsubscribed to getting the email. I’ve been following you since the very beginning when you started Turandot and can’t wait to happy dance with you when she’s finished. Your stitching is beautiful, Rachel! πŸ™‚

  4. “Can I get you to just click the little β€œlike” button at the bottom of the post (even if you don’t like the post LOL), or just pop in a quick comment so I can get a head count.”
    ….I read your blog via e-mail and come onto the actual blog to read longer posts and comments. More often then not the entire post is in the e-mail itself, including pictures. Of course I should comment more. Sometimes though, by the time I read my e-mail, everyone has already said what I would have said. Looking forward to seeing the next completed page. Seems ages since I picked up a needle, I have to get my stitching fix through you.

  5. Hi Rachel, I love the little hats, they are so cute!

    Sorry that your motivation to post has gone walkabout! I love looking at your progress pics and reading your posts so it would be a real shame if you stopped. As I am very guilty of reading but never leaving a comment, I will make more of an effort so you know that people are stopping by and reading your posts.

    Miamina from the HAED BB

  6. I check on your blog quite frequently…not through facebook or anything I just have your blog bookmarked.

  7. I love to stalk you too!!!!! The hats are lovely in real life, (I saw them when I was in your house!) I am “Petrina” from the HAED board (and I am your sister too!!!)

  8. I read your blog every time a notification email pops into my inbox. I really enjoy following you and your stitching. I’m often in awe at the amount of progres you manage to make on all of your projects.

  9. I read your blog, Rachel. Love to see your fabulous progress on all your progress, so I catch the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and the HAED BB. πŸ™‚

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