BEK update

Here’s the last update before the next page gets sent out

(click all images to enrage. Sorry enlarge)

I put her away last night when it was a balmy temperature of 10 degrees and rain.
I wake this morning to 1 degree and SNOW!!! AGAIN!!!

Talk about Deja vu.



6 thoughts on “BEK update

  1. Aww your Bookend Kitties looks adorable. Your coming along fast on them. I love the pics of the snow. Remember I live in Florida. I haven’t seen snow IRL for years. It looks like the pretty snow. The wet, sticky kind that sticks to everything. I grew up in the north, so I remember it well.

    • Thank you Nance and Johanna. I have been enjoying BEK.
      Nance, the snow we have is nice snow, very good for snow balls etc. Unfortunately during the days we get it thawing a little which then freezes into black ice. If it was constantly cold it would be fine but the snow falls only come from extreme southerlies from Antarctica and the weather system is gone in a day or two leaving us with fine clear days and frosts in the mornings.

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