Turandot – Corner reached

I’ve finally put stitches in the bottom right corner and I can now work my way to the one and only remaining corner. It’s been a long time coming but the end is definitely in sight.

Now I just have to stop the call of a new start. It’s not too loud at the moment, but I can hear a whimpering. Eek


3 thoughts on “Turandot – Corner reached

  1. Your stitching on Turandot looks amazing =)
    You have already done an incredible amount of stitching on it. People like you always keep me motivated because they show that it’s actually possible to finish such a huge design one day 😉

  2. Ugh I so know that sound. I heard it too many times and have given in to it too many times. Be strong Rachel (only saying this cos I’m dying to see the finish of Turandot) but if it gets to stong just do it, life’s too short! Turandot looks amazing congrats on getting to the bottom YAY!!!

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