Bottom edge – Turandot

Yippy Zippy!!

Turandot now has a bottom.

(click image to enlarge)

Thanks to sleep deprivation caused by roosters I didn’t get as much done this week as hoped.

I’m hoping I can get quite a bit done on Spud though as it appears that the neighbours have removed the offending beasts from our area of their property. They have some chickens but they don’t crow at 5:30am.


2 thoughts on “Bottom edge – Turandot

  1. Wow up close I can truly appreciate how much work you have put into her so far. The individual stitches look so tiny next to the larger finished work. She looks amazing and your stitching is beautiful.Damn those foul fowls though, they aren’t the most musical sound to be woken up by. I hope you get more of a lie in now they have been moved! Alicia xo

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