Another new start?

Yes, it is true. Only a week or two after one new start there is another and we can all blame Louanne for this one. She chose to have a new start SAL on the HAED board and I had to jump in with one that I would have started this year but just hadn’t picked a time too.
What better time than now?

So here, after one week, is QS Merlin by Linda Ravenscroft.

(click image to enlarge)

Who would have thought I’d enjoy stitching the background so much. I think being a light colour made all the difference.

I am now working on catching up with my Freebie SAL. I didn’t get much done in the previous rotation, so I’ll be making up for that and also I send out the next page this weekend. That means the update will have some of page 2 in it. YEAH!!!

I received snail mail this week. I had been asked to expect something but not this.

It was sent by Kathryn Garner, a Facebook friend, all the way from the UK.

He’s just so softy, soft that he will live in the wall unit so I don’t rub the fluff off him.

He looks small in the photo, next to the small glasses but he in fact stands in at about 5 inches high


5 thoughts on “Another new start?

  1. Rachel, your mystic moggie looks terrific. I love that eye you have done. Great start, with blazing speed!

    What a wonderful gift from your facebook friend. He is so adorable. Have you named him yet?

  2. Thank you all so much.

    Nance, I hadn’t thought about naming Ted, but I suppose Ted is a name isn’t it. It’s what I always call these guys whenever I see them out shopping. I can’t go past them without having a look at what new pieces there are.

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