Home, finally.

After being out of the house for 10 weeks we finally spent our first night back in it.

Goodbye Southern Comfort Motel (click all images to enlarge)

I thought when we had the initial hold-ups that we might be living out of suitcases for my birthday and I was nearly right; it’s less than a week away.

We’ve nearly got everything sorted. We have all the big furniture in and here’s my new stitching chair, so the most important piece of furniture is in.

I also can’t wait to stick some holes in the newly decorated walls for my stitching and calendars.

We are now slowly starting to get back to normal. Things are coming out of storage and we are finding new places for all the bits and pieces. Some stuff won’t be coming home but I’m sure we will find new houses for them.

I started my “welcome home” piece last night…. SPUD!! (aka Couch Dragon) No photos yet as there’s nothing to see.

But I do have some of my HDF silk piece Teddy Bear Tree Stocking.


8 thoughts on “Home, finally.

  1. Welcome home Rachel. Your living room looks really lovely. I love the color of the drapes and your new stitching chair looks really comfy. Now you will be ready to settle in and do some more uber stitching!

  2. Thank you so much for the comments. Nance, those curtains were here when we bought the place about 10 years ago and are real velvet. We had them dry cleaned and they came up SO nice. The net curtaining on all the windows in the living areas (not that I have any non-living areas) are all my handywork. There are still three left to sew but with the shift back in it will have to wait a while.
    I can say that the seats are perfect for stitching in and Spud is coming along quite nicely. Photos coming soon

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