Nearly home

The move home is imminent so  I thought I’d best do one last update before we do the big shift in and things turn to madness.

Those of you on Facebook may have seen a pic of  the entry area I shared, well… I have a couple more for you. The cleaners are yet to go through still, they have been booked for tomorrow and once they are done we can organise to get the new furniture home.

lounge before carpeting and

Thanks to Tim for the tracks from the tv cabinet. Also, the join will disappear once the vacuum has gone over it.

Until yesterday I haven’t been able to stitch on any of my HAED due to the room we were in having no comfortable stitching position available, at least no comfortable HAED stitching position.  So I knitted a hat, Dragonflies. Thanks to Jeannie-maree for the gifting of the pattern. It’s done in a merino/angora mix and it’s soooo soft!!! It still needs to be blocked, but I stuck it one my niece Jessica for a photo anyway. I’ll block it once we are settled back at home.

I was also able to start a new stitchy project. It’s something I’ve seen done before but never attempted myself; a biscornu.

Don’t you love the edging? The joys of having the sewing machine in storage. You use what you have handy.

I have yet to stitch all the pieces and attach the beads and sequins I need to complete the full project, but once I have them all done I will have a Christmas tree of descending sized biscornus. What is a biscornu?

A biscornu is an interesting little eight-sided pincushion that has become very popular in recent months.  The word biscornu (sometimes written biscournu) is derived from a French adjective, meaning skewed, quirky or irregular.

Excerpt from

I would put a picture of the finished piece up but why ruin the surprise.

I have another update of Teddy Bear Tree Stocking. I did some on it a few weeks back but pulled it out again last night and thought you might like to see an update.

I will go now and get some more done on the Teds since I won’t get much done once home.

The only needle I will be picking up for a few days will be the sewing machine needle. I have net curtains to hem!!!



2 thoughts on “Nearly home

    • Tim says we will be in their Thursday night now, that’s when his weekend starts and the earliest we will have time to get the bed from storage. We do have the net curtains in the bedrooms up and once Tim assembles the new dining table I will be able to get the nets done for the rest of the house. We have some furniture being delivered tomorrow so it will start to look like a home again.

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