Turandot and house updates

I’ve got a quick Turandot update for you.

I’ve had her out for the slow WIP SAL (SWIP) this week, but she will also be staying out for the confetti SAL this week. YAY

(click all images to enlarge)

The house action has resumed. The building company will probably say we only had ourselves to blame, but when you see how uneven the ceiling was you can understand why we questioned them.

the rise in the lounge and… the trough in the dining area

Their excuse for this….. it must have been like it before.
I have no idea why they can possible get it level but we’ll wait and see. They assure us that it will look level once done.

The painter/decorators have also been in and the wallpaper is off now and they’ve have been painting the exterior. They can’t start the inside until the plaster has filled the cracks and levelled the ceiling

before during

We’ve also got the council repairs to the water going on. We will have our indestructable blue pipe gone soon.

It’s had to believe that it’s nearly a year that it’s been running across the driveway and the only leaks it’s had have been where it’s leaked at the connection to the mains. And that’s only been twice.

We have also had to farewell a constant companion from the Sept quake…. Rocky

While the carpet has been up Tim decided to shift him and bury him again. He popped him in a hole that was under the hole that contained an uninstalled air-conditioning box. We can only guess that the previous owner was having it installed before she passed away.

The hole that the box is in had to be filled as the sand around it was slowly caving in and exposing a foundation.He’s filled it in with some of the broken bricks from his mate’s shop.

Needless to say, Rocky has gone. Maybe some future generation with dig him up and wonder what sort of people would bury a boulder and metal box with bricks. Maybe these items were sacred.

Back to Turandot I go. I will be working on the sleeve again.

Before I forget. I have another new start coming thank to Vani. She gifted me Couch Dragon, or as I like to call him


(click image to be taken to the chart on the HAED site)

And another reason why I don’t feel guilty about the new start is that Nance gifted me a 123 stitch gift voucher which I have used to purchase much  needed supplies for this and a soon to come non-haed start. Let’s just say it has beads and a crystal.


So thank you so very, very much Nance and Vani.


4 thoughts on “Turandot and house updates

  1. Yea Rachel! I’m glad everything is going well with the house! I love the name you have giving him. Spud is a fantastic name! Can’t wait for you to start him! You are so welcome!

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