Full size Turandot

It’s the last night in this room at the motel so I’m putting Turandot away while we head out of the city for the two nights they don’t have a room for us. We will be back though, but I’ll get working on my Freebie SAL piece once we get back into our new motel room.

(click image to enlarge)

I have no new updates on the house repairs. They’ve been relining the ceiling in preparation for it to be painted. It was originally stippled, but since we didn’t like the stippling, and it’s the same cost to redo that or re-line, we’ve chosen to re-line it. It will add an extra layer to the ceiling which is helpful as the insulation in the roof cavity is next to none and there is no way to put more in due to the angle of the roof.

We have been busy buying same new furniture for the house. A new lounge suite and kitchen table and chairs. Since we’ve gone to the expense of buying new carpet for the house Tim didn’t want to put our old furniture (which has seen better times) back into the house. We also brought our 2011 Christmas present, a new front loading washing machine.

The savings are taking a hit, but what else is it there for but to buy things with?


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